more salt when cooking?in addition to adding water can also do so

believe every treasure mom, is the chef in the home, can at ordinary times for the baby to her husband to make all kinds of food.but there are a lot of treasure mom, when cooking, encountered such a problem, that is the process of cooking, accidentally salt is added, well a pot dishes, all of a sudden they taste is too heavy, good baby and her husband also does not love to, poetry teach everybody, salt added when cooking much, what to do.

solution to say ah, really many, some treasure mom, will choose to add water, but water boil again, it is very easy to cook food, some dishes too much water is also affect the taste.recently, a daughter-in-law, north taught poetry a few action, is said to be the southern special taught her mother-in-law, used to solve the problem of cooking too much salt, learning together.

the coincidence of flour and rice 】

we can prepare a piece of food grade gauze or a cloth, don't really have, that kind of special clean can.and then into the flour in the gauze or rice, starch is also possible.then unwrap the flour bag into the salt too much food, boil, stir well with food again inside the salt, will be full of flour absorption in cloth, and can effectively remove salt.

【 coincidence with eggs 】

the treasure mom often scrambled eggs for children to eat at ordinary times?we have found that eggs are very vacuum salt, fry a casserole, add eggs and other ingredients, you'll find eggs seems particularly salty.we can use the good eggs this feature, if there is food too much salt, we can add a few cooked eggs, also can absorb a lot of salt.

【 coincidence with potatoes 】

in addition to the eggs, potatoes can effectively absorb salt oh, actually we can cut the potatoes into potato chips and chips will be bit by bit into the pot, boil to catch up again, after a moment of taste food, if it is salty, then put the new potatoes, until you feel appropriate.

the rock candy is very much treasure mom do braise in soy sauce meat all love put condiment, but treasure mom might not know it, candy can also go to salt.after add too much salt, we can put one or two rock sugar into the dish, and then see the rock sugar melting point and then put the sugar to remove, also can absorb too much salt.

in addition, add tomatoes or tofu, also can effectively remove the salt in the dish oh, treasure the mother get here?

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