pregnancy on fetal growth figure see that dear baby

after pregnancy, most concerned about is the tire baby's growth and development, this article, the fetal figure and development of pregnancy in october 1-here are the focus, what want to know, message over oh.

1 months pregnant(0 to 4 weeks)

graph:at 4 weeks

development key:

zygote embryo formation, and complete the bed.

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medical pregnant in october, from the first day of the last menstrual period, the gestation period 280 days, about 40 weeks, every 4 weeks to a month of pregnancy.

to 28 days menstrual cycle for example, usually at the 14th day of ovulation fertilization, started the bed to a fertilized ovum has been 3 4 weeks already can see embryo sac with ultrasound.

sperm and egg fertilization, in the end of the fallopian tubes, the fertilized egg cell division, the formation of embryo, and moves slowly from the fallopian tube to the uterus, after 7 days, the embryo reaches the uterus, began the process of implantation.

bed similar to the process of the seeds germinate, embryo must be firmly attached on the endometrium, can truly conception, otherwise, be out of the body can cause miscarriage.embryo implantation after, split will continue to grow, and develop the prototype of the adult.

2 months pregnant(5 to 8 weeks)

graph:at 8 weeks

length:about 1.7 3.5 cm

weight:about 4 g

development key:

began to appear, limbs will show in the form of granulation.

close to the weekend, 5 small heart began to development, six weeks or so there will be a heartbeat, heart split into atrial and ventricular, and began to send blood to the blood vessels had become.

the prototype of the face has been roughly, order is still in the dark, dark eyes, and the distance is far away, looks like a fish, ears and nose was also visible at this time.

the prototype of the internal organs and reproductive organs have been produced.

body to form two layers of the skin, and presents the translucent, can clearly see the blood vessels;sweat on the skin and hair has started to form.

rapid development, brain nerve cells have links, to convey messages from the brain to the body.

at 8 weeks, can be seen by abdominal ultrasound fetal heart rate, and has set up a discernible human body begins to straighten, head has a specific shape, big, accounting for almost half of the whole tire body, still curled up in his chest.limbs have development, but the head slowly.

3 months pregnant(9-12 weeks)

graph:at 12 weeks

length:6.5-9 cm

weight:about 5-32 g

development key:

the body length of fetal head, protruding forehead, head length, and has formed the jaw.

the baby's eyes in this period from both sides to the face, is the closed state, the ears are clearly visible.

as the facial muscles have been began to form, the fetus has do frown and zhang mouth movements and expressions.

muscular, can free activities in the amniotic fluid.

major organs have completed, but haven't started to work.will the heart blood to the body.

hands have long out, fingers and toes by granulation gradually differentiation, there will be a simple hand opening and closing action, also grow nails, and fingerprints.

red, translucent skin.the growth of fetus by cutaneous nerve, and have the sense of touch.

to 12 weeks, the placenta is fully developed, and umbilical cord connecting the fetus, become a fetus's life support addition, the amniotic fluid start around the fetus, fetal can change the direction of the body in the amniotic fluid.

genitals start development, form testis male baby, baby girls form ovaries.

4 months pregnant(13-16 weeks)

graph:16 weeks gestation

length:about 15-17 cm

weight:about 110-130 grams of

development key:

started to taste buds on the tongue, and generate the sense of taste.

proportion is the same as the head and body, the facial features become more obvious.

body appears transparent pink skin, nails have also been fully formed.

brain nerve channel began to development, the fetus has been able to feel the other parts of the body and the environment of the womb.

your eyes are closed, but is sensitive to the change of the light.

mouth for sucking ability, can suck the finger.

limbs in at this point has been fully developed, and the action.through ultrasound, can see your feet significantly longer than arms.

the digestive system became operational, will borrow fetus by drinking water, learn how to swallow and urination.

with the development of the nervous system completely, fetal activity increased dramatically.

5 months pregnant(17 to 20 weeks)

graph:20 weeks gestation

length:about 20-25 cm

weight:about 300-500 grams of

development key:

organ has been mature, male baby of the penis and scrotum increases gradually.

to start generating fat, skin white fat, also began to protect the skin and smooth delivery.

covered a layer of thin lanugo baby body.

nervous system integration has been completed, the fetus can be more smoothly to kicking, sucking, etc.

rapid growth compared with the past, now is a bit slow, because want to lung, digestive and immune system have enough time to mature.

very mature fetal auditory development, can hear the organs and belly.

your eyes still closed, but the eye will move around slowly.

muscles and nervous system has been developed more fully, most of the organs have begun to operate.

the placenta development has been finished, can provide nutrients needed for the fetus, and is responsible for the discharge of waste, at this point, the baby is larger than the placenta.

6 months pregnant(21-24 weeks)

graph:at 24 weeks

length:about 28 to 30 cm

weight:about 600-750 grams of

development key:

fetal eyelids has formed, can make open your eyes.

because fat is not yet fully formed, the baby's skin is very thin and are pink, wrinkled look.

female baby ovaries produce eggs.

bone formation completely, can clearly see the bones in the spinal cord, ribs, hands and feet, etc.

has established a set of the rule of sleep and waking cycles.

in proportion to the head and other parts of the body, appearance also not be slim like previously.

control ideology that cells developing, for sound, light, movement is more sensitive.

other organs have, only lung is still in development, is the most immature organs.still waiting for a few weeks, is responsible for the exchange of gas bubbles to be fully developed.

7 months pregnant(25 to 28 weeks)

graph:28th week of gestation.

length:about 35 to 40 cm

weight:about 1000-1200 grams of

development key:

brain development is quite mature, can be in accordance with the will to change the direction of the body, and can appear to stretch, shrink the body and body movements such as grasping.

the development of the fetal thinking, memory, emotions, began to sprout.

hair growing fetus, and gradually became birth, show hair color.

the increasing maturity of the taste buds, already can borrow from the tongue to distinguish different tastes.

in the lungs of bronchial and alveolar roughly development is complete, however, lung function has not yet fully mature.

fetal eyeball, can open your eyes to see the front, the function of the focal length is adjusted slightly, but the pupil color to wait a few months after birth, can be converted into normal color.

fetal skin thickness increase, the fat secretion is relatively strong, the whole body is fat wrapped, ruddy skin, and therefore no longer in transparent color.

8 months pregnant(29-32 weeks)

graph:at 32 weeks

length:about 40 and 42 cm

weight:about 1300-1800 grams of

development key:

hearing, sight, touch, taste, smell, etc., generally have completed development.

body length and weight gain, let more restrictions on their activities, but can still be changed posture, let mother feel quickened significantly.

fast development, the brain stimulation of the brain is able to convey more rapidly, greatly increase the ability to learn, but is not completely reflex action.

to start generating subcutaneous fat body, skin wrinkles also gradually disappeared, the whole body skin appears reddish, began to grow nails.

bone roughly development completed, started to get hard, but the skull is flexible, can be out of the birth canal.

pulmonary alveolar cells that secrete a known as the"material surface ii", help alveolar expansion.

9 months pregnant(33-36 weeks)

graph:36 weeks gestation

length:about 45 to 50 cm

weight:about 1900-2600 grams of

development key:

the fetal head becomes large, the brain tissue has been rapid development to a certain extent, brain size has increased dramatically, you can see form the brain specific creases and concave.

circulation, breathing, digestion, and most important organs such as the sex organs, have development is complete, the fetus began to gain weight, preparing for birth.

the fetus can further feel light reaction, besides will open your eyes, eyes also has the ability of rotation, focus.through the fetal eyes closed, also can tell the difference between dark and light.

subcutaneous fat continues to increase, the fetus obviously become fat.

cover on the skin of foetal hair began to fall off.

the proportion of the limbs and head has and newborn.

lung development close to mature, if born at this time, usually survive there will be no problem, only occasionally some babies also need to use a respirator to help breathing.

10 months pregnant(37-40 weeks)

graph:at 40 weeks

length:about 50 to 52 cm

weight:about 2700-3300 grams of

development key:

hair for 2-3 cm long, the nails have been completely covered his finger.

fetal organs development completely.

lung development fully mature at this time.

lanugo has almost completely disappeared.

male baby testicles has moved to within the scrotum.

baby girls have breast tissue, nipple, the clitoris will be obvious.

with meconium formation in intestines, if oppressed at birth, will discharge.

the fetus through the placenta from the maternal antibodies, make oneself of the resistance.

most of the baby's head is down, the skull is soft but not closed, have to be prepared for the birth.the last two weeks or so fetal head will decline in the pelvic cavity.

as the fetus grows bigger, the uterus has almost no space, fetal activity could be reduced.

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