take these things the baby bring out was not a bit tired


looking forward to, looking forward to, auf, nearer to the footsteps of the dog.

don't want to go out with her tired as a dog, have to be prepared ahead of time, in case that went to what lack of what.

the next day, take her out of frequency are higher than usual.travel on the road, visiting relatives and friends, pushing her to go shopping during the chinese new year, or take her to travel together, is quite a challenge.

as the saying goes,"the others take her go out like a lady, you take her to go out like a nanny"


to mothers with eva can also is very natural and unrestrained, your sweet wheat in spring festival approaching, early to sort out a list of necessary minimalist.

with the list, take her out of the door was not a bit tired!if go out like a move, it is too painful.so, he chose the most useful only a few things, you can control the leak fill a vacancy, and at the same time removing some unnecessary things.

baby milk based configuration

diapers:usually 3-4 will be able to meet the needs of baby day, put into the mummy bag;

gauze, saliva towel, small packaging of wipes:used to solve the problem of the baby outside the clean;

sunglasses, hats, for the baby sunscreen, withstand strong ultraviolet ray;

laundry:to prevent the baby accidentally put his own clothes for dirty;

every urine pad:if you have cleanliness mom can prepare a oh, so you can at any time can easily change diapers for the baby;

water:if has already started to drink can take a oh baby.

baby milk powder in the extra demand

clean bottles;

vacuum cup with warm boiled water to make milk powder;

powder separation tank.

baby consisting of additional requirements

waterproof bib:help the baby to make dirty clothes;

vacuum cup with warm boiled water to make milk powder;

small bottles of liquid washing your hands free, not too convenient to wash their hands, used to clean the baby and the mother's hand;

a suction cup bowl:when the baby to eat convenient use;

consisting of scissors, cut it short help baby food such as noodles, put the lettuce leaves and cut into the shape of a baby can eat;

baby tableware:let the baby in the outside also use their own little forks and spoons;

rice noodles, pork floss:for baby just add a side dish, eat rice noodles are the most, you can use a small jar, adults eat baby bath, a bowl of rice noodles, deserve to go up our own do pork floss, so that the baby can eat a meal delicious lunch.

product packaging puree, small cookies:are good food selection.

help mother out good things easily

a good push umbrella car, can let the baby sit inside.

and mom can back in the body harness, can put the baby to wear in the body, help my mother more easily bring children in the side,

there are for mom, it needs to feed the baby rice in public, that we can prepare a beautiful piece of lactation towel, let the baby can eat a meal gracefully.

equipped with baby travel

clothes:plenty of clothes, we must be at least two sets of clothes for the baby every day, the baby can deal with the journey of a variety of conditions;

baby bed is tasted, such as a baby's familiar sleeping bag, and he is familiar with the sheet, it will let the baby in the course of the journey is more a sense of security, sleep quality will be better.

products:skin cream, cream, sunscreen and mosquito repellent water for hip, etc.if it is more than 3 days trip, we also need to bring a small nail clippers, to prevent the baby's nails are too long, will scratch yourself;

toothbrush toothpaste:if you already have teething baby, should take oh.

ear warm gun, antipyretics, physiological saline, if go out longer;

picture books, toys, if we travel more than two hours, the baby is easy to lose patience.

like the palm of your hand book is very suitable for belt during the journey to the baby, and baby like some of the toys;

snacks:is your least-hassle route to respond to baby's crying, although snacks eat is bad, but actually during the journey to deal with the baby is a good way.

well, so much essential items.hope my dear mothers all directions at the same time, with only the most useful things to go out.

in the end, i wish you all the year of the dog in advance, comments say you are back to their house this year new year's day!

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