li xiang husband yuelun wang: this is the highest pretend bility of eat soft rice

the end of the party's most afraid of?

the most afraid of extended/priest to me a small annual review-your life this year children with mine?old woman daughter-in-law relation, okay?husband evening what time to go home...

you would dare to contradict a"also is to have my career."ensure seven gu eight aunt supercilious look a double:career is a man, a woman? this is xiangfujiaozi at home ah.

could you tell me what this article in the laws and regulations have?

how do you say or extended/priest long see short hair?

they the melon seeds on your twitter, someone's home the husband this attitude in the face of division of family--

yuelun wang follows the program on wife's daughter, to today, li xiang to pocket money is too little?

estimates is worse, even his daughter to spend.

@"poking fun at the 2"

wang dao wife to sit?the main coffee!(li xiang is"fun"started the first phase of the main guest) but wang dao?

sat opposite her, a product manager of the row.

was so fun, face to face in our own husband was going to jump up, right?

but!look at how the somebody else husband said--

the last time my wife to a lot of friend send me a message after the play:yuelun, this work shows that you don't eat soft rice, you don't respond?in fact i is to respond to this time.

we see this more than a year later, i this is not to survive?i just outside also use their own money to buy a pack of cigarettes!

actually li xianglai before the first period of the poking fun at the conference, yuelun wang has suffered a crazy fun--

what"li xiang deserves the success of the new era of women, to create a lot of employment opportunities for the husband","a good example of woman's independent self-improvement"ah,"li xiang said to her daughter, angela your lucky money mother to with you, buy a house for your dad tomorrow"...

however wang dao conveniently in a word, only in virtually dissolve it all:"man, in the wife's career more."

ahhh~ blunt this sentence, i also want to crazy for yuelun wang a call!

a lot of people know yuelun wang at the beginning, because of the famous host li xiang as a gossip news from tim:

"in order to support her husband(or boyfriend) business, li xiang out selling...

li xiang to and yuelun wang"is nine beauty", sold her a house in beijing, fill the budget hole..."

later on"where dad", yuelun wang another heavy"recognizable"-angela her dad.

all in all, li xiang is a raised incompetent husband, a woman of yuelun wang seems to be everywhere by the wife to fill in the pit.

but the somebody else yuelun wang was raised to a pair of good cards in hand, also secured the top student, please-good origins, beautiful degree, director at the debut diva faye wong's mv"cambrian"and"new tenant.

this high starting point, to want to become famous or want to make money, is not easy.

later about li xiang to movies sell it, yuelun wang said, sell, buy a house, only the wife of a"hobby", but the archives mouths just hit his film.perhaps show business of xxx also want to make a film, she just want to sell?

literally eat melon crowd how that money""wife is better than a husband, anyway, the somebody else the couple didn't defend altogether.

one time on the phone in the q&a, ask a wife yuelun wang"retired at home, if i don't work, what would you do?", li xiang no hesitate to say"i make money for the family!"

li xiangai struggle, like a challenge, devoted, let her go!bet yuelun wang weak inner stillness, the pursuit of art, and like the family, and what not?

what's or husband's other people's good?you see, the somebody else to spoil the wife, is willing to do a successful woman behind the man!

really, the world would have changed.

the success of a man or a woman, not as a family or career to define.

in addition to li xiang, yuelun wang, teach on pursuing the concept of"man of family roles has, in time to the old, and at the end of last year the new female prime minister of new zealand.

the 37-year-old campaign successful female prime minister of new zealand, it all the way through a has enough to gape, is seen as a female model of success?

but soon after, she came up to a blockbuster:she's pregnant!

who says a woman's pregnancy had to take a back seat, home living doll?

after she announced she was pregnant, just released after gave birth to her future planning:maternity leave(six weeks) after the struggle business soon, but the man would become a dad, take care of family and children.

after harvest a great thumb up and blessing, she is not married her boyfriend also consumedly square square said:and she fell in love like the lottery, i just like a strong woman.

someone else's life has been so successful, other people's husband is so sweet.

look at those women should return to family, xiangfujiaozi lesson you blush crude's extended neck/priest, really want to sigh with emotion, life, is really lonely as snow!

in fact, men and women who, who is the lord in the lord jesus, it's the couple to do your own thing!

this world, in addition to you, who can really understand you, for you make decision?who can rule your life?who can have a good for you this life?

in addition to your own, will not have others.

knew the meaning of li xiang because understand this, so would say to the lens:

i think is normal in my life.what do you think of, i may feel very wonderful.let them to preach the a lot of rumors, a lot of attack let them attack, many do not understand let them don't a nutshell:as long as i'm happy, and you, optional.

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