at the age of the baby snored more than a year for nose into the screws!


(healthy times reporter queena) recently, the zhejiang province hospital otolaryngology of a four year old children treated patients with han han(not his real name), to mrs meng doctors and parents have got such a fright that snoring is more and more serious, he unexpectedly is because after nasal cavity with a screw.

snoring almost a year

more than 10 months ago, han han a stuffy nose, runny nose, sneezing, always snoring, sleep all night with mouth rhinitis cause parents thought, even if the boy said nose pain, also not too care about.

even as last month, is more and more serious, han han because airtight nose, have a bite first more terrible, as long as you lay down to sleep at night, the nose is completely airtight, also didn't sleep well, sleep sleep appear even apnea.

worried parents hurriedly send han han to the hospital in zhejiang province xiasha campus, by the director of otolaryngology huang pingfang accepts.huang pingfang told health times reporter, when do the nasal examination found that children with purulent nasal discharge, think there may be a sinusitis, or adenoid hypertrophy.

but this is not imagination so simple, in nasopharyngeal lateral to the han han who took a nasopharyngeal lateral slice, han han's nose pharynx ministry not only adenoidectomy hyperplasia, most inside of the nose with a ca.2 cm of the screws.will only narrow cavity wall cascades, the screw has entered the nasopharyngeal top crumbling, could fall at any time in the child's trachea or esophagus.

look from film, children nasopharyngeal's almost don't breathe freely.see 2 cm nail in han han the deepest part of the nasal cavity and mrs meng also surprised and remorse, in retrospect, completely not clear when the child is in the nail into the nasal cavity.

ablation to solve two major problems

"once the screw with gravity fall, fall in the trachea, serious when can lead to suffocation, consequences", huang pingfang said.

realize the emergency situation, huang pingfang han han on the same day to arrange the emergency is with screw in the nose, certainly will need to be removed;and because the screws further aggravate the obstructive sleep apnea syndrome.

first of all, through the surgery to take out the the case of general anesthesia, from the throat into the can to look on 70 ° endoscope, a turn, see the top of the nasopharynx, then take out a the same time, through a technique called"of low temperature plasma ablation surgery"way, removal of children adenoidectomy, solve the problem of child snoring and breathing difficulties.

"plasma ablation surgery at low temperature, figuratively speaking, it is the enlargement of the organization is changed to suck the paste, expand the nasopharyngeal cavity of patients."huang pingfang introduction, plasma surgery system integrating cutting, melting, bleeding and attract, can keep the local mucosal security, and can effectively reduce the swelling and pain.postoperative symptoms about 15~ 20 minutes for a quick relief, which can effectively treat allergic rhinitis, chronic rhinitis, sleep apnea, pharyngitis and other recent years has been widely application in the field of otolaryngology abroad.

han han has been discharged smoothly.on january 25, han han to the hospital to review, has been able to secure healthy children sleep, eat well, because did not leave any wound surgery.

snoring sleep well not

a screw for yu han culvert, the equivalent of a ticking time bomb.and it is not time bombs in otolaryngology is quite common.

plastic toys, paper, huang pingfang outpatient service, the situation of the foreign body stuffed nose.recently, huang pingfang and met a similar event and patients for medical examination, found a girl of about fifteen or nose punched with fingernail.ask learnt that this child as a child in my nose stuffed a button battery, battery inside some cadmium, lead, mercury and other released a great harm to human body composition, corrosion rhinitis membrane, even the cartilage had rotted away.

two days before the ending day, huang pingfang appeared when the outpatient service a year and a half boy, in both two beans in into the nasal cavity.came to the hospital, the beans already swell, completely blocked the bilateral nasal cavity, night tossing and turning, and suppress wake up crying, asking that for three days.

if not timely foreign body out there may be swelling, inflammation, serious when lead to serious apnea events.mouth breathing for a long time to also can cause upper jaw forward, teeth not neat.serious when, apnea caused by lack of oxygen, can affect a child's mental development, leading to dementia, dull looks serious consequences.

huang pingfang reminds, when children feel uncomfortable to tell parents to come to the hospital see a doctor in a timely manner.if the child is too small can't express, parents can also look to whether exist in the child's nose nose, smell and other the same time, be sure to place the hazards where children are difficult to contact.

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