spread!cctv exposure children abducted epicenter parents nervous!

a few days ago saw a news, 6 years old girl little darling in by a strange man on my way to school"to help moving things,"said coaxing a downwind car, thanks to the driver found clue from two people dialogue, contact little darling father, only by the police was stopped halfway on the bad guys.

lucky little darling, but there are some unfortunate children but never find the way home.as you can imagine how those who lost his parents should of grief and despair.

package mother knocked at the blackboard!new year draws near, the demon as traffickers and go to the child!

because at that time many chaos, abducted the highest success rate, so the case is multiplied.

these are the true story

@new mother 324:

my baby more than 1 year old, go out and play with, turn to treasure the glass, is almost taken away by a liar.startled me at that time, went home with children.

@m rabbit:

to alert, i also heard that a mother in carrefour shopping, a child in the shopping cart, twist a head was gone, my mother quickly call the police, and ask the carrefour closed all exports, later found the child in the toilet, change clothes, hair was take off in half.

@saplings ying:

just listen to colleagues said village near some daylight robbery yesterday, specifically for mother with children, they falsely claimed to be the child's grandma and grandpa and dad and medicine in hand, come up and play the child's mother said children disease so much is out, and play while rob, mom couldn't resist...so scary...

see my teeth itch, traffickers are so hateful, is simply to pieces woman exclaims.but in addition to hate, we remain vigilant.

recently, cctv exposed children abducted winter vacation seven high-risk, families with children all see come over, every generation with children, in particular, to tell the old man wants to look at their own eva!










孩子稍大一些,我们也可以试着去教会孩子遇事拨打110求助,辨认警察、军人、保安等穿制服人员;usually do not accept any stranger to something, the more don't allow them any invitation, etc.

the outside world is full of danger, a child, i would have to save you, hope you can also learn to protect themselves.

of course, as a mother, i more hope, the world without turn!

* * *

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