before the age of the parents have to help the baby to do it well


a lot of people think that children after 3 years old in kindergarten is in contact with society.but in fact, from the baby begins to smile for the first time, had become an interaction with others, and the beginning of the social contact.

the so-called see old three years old, is the baby at a young age reflected social character, may show his future life and the characteristics of social interaction.why do some people grow up is very strange, not good at working with people?in many cases, it is caused by inadequate guide as a child.

1 thing(0-1):learn to distinguish between me, my mom and others

0 to 6 months:my mother is my world

according to the austrian psychologist and pathological psychoanalyst margarita · mahler(margaret s.mahler, 1897-1985) for 0-3 year old children's psychological development theory, after the first two months"selfish"the instinct of life, from the first time smile, children will have a real communication with the outside world.

at this stage, children are symbiotic with the world, the baby didn't distinguish the difference between mother and outsiders.

how should parents do?

1, the mother is the most intimate relationship, children symbiosis stage so to respond to baby's needs.

2, after chuyuezi can go out for a walk around, to meet different people and the environment, is good for child's physical and mental development will.

3, often and baby talk, use eye contact, often take the initiative to touch the children.

6 to 12 months:those who know mom

6 months, children's mental gradually separated with my mother, become more independent, more personalised.they begin to pay close attention to other than the parents.despite the stranger still let them very scared, but they will pull their parents to take the initiative to explore.this time even dad company, can replace part of my mother's work, but this time, don't two people all around the child.

mothers to learn when children need to give enough support, when you don't need to quietly beside observation.such as baby need hold took him up;when he want to play is not easily disturbed.doing this can establish the baby safe, meet their internal needs.

how should parents do?

1, the father can be a child of the company.

2 actively interact with the children, parents, spend time with his walking out

3, on-demand support, not to let his be fond of.

the second thing(1-2 years of age):study separation and interaction

12 to 18 months:the height of separation anxiety

after one year of age can be very attached to their mother, he is learning to walk, skills, and often there is frustration, need to back to mother's arms at any time to look for encouragement and comfort.

this stage, the child needs a mother looking for security and self-esteem, mother can play hide-and-seek and chasing painstakingly, is very interesting, not only can let the child understand the difference between temporarily apart and permanent respectively.

how should parents do?

1, in hiding, and chasing the game, help children to understand the concepts of leave, disappear.

2, when you go out, do not leave, rough or sneak out.should give the child a fixed rituals or action, and then leave like the normal process.can also promised him home after what do one thing, let him keep eating.

3, although the process of separation may cry, but my mother want to maintain the stability of the mood, let the child feel left is a very normal thing, not to cajole.

18 to 24 months:learning with people

kids this age to the world is full of curiosity and exploration, their cognition and action has to be separated from the mother.but their language competence is not perfect, so social physical contact can occur,"beating".in addition, they don't know what is your own, what others, easy to"grab".

when mom met these situations to avoid standing on the opposite with the child, should use a more stable mood and inclusive attitude to treat children with other people's conflicts, if yelling would let the child to recoil at the contact with the outside world.

how should parents do?

1, the situational simulation in the home, guide the children speak some fixed patterns, such as hello, thank you.

2, not to the child's behavior of"hitting"yelling or punishment, may be the cause of fear to contact.

3, with picture books and story to guide the child the concept of interaction with others, at the same time inspired language ability.

the third thing:(2 to 3 years old) learn abide by the rules of

24 to 30 months:establish rules are

age two to three years children pursue independent feeling, like to try and challenge, when they find themselves on the surrounding things can produce control, self consciousness bud will enter a peak, the simplest is to say"no!"

this is a critical period of children with people, might as well use the consciousness of the children said"no", tell him what to do and what not to do.

this period of the child is not necessarily can and children play together, so you don't have too much force"play"in this matter.

how should parents do?

1, tell a child some rules and lead by example, such as eating, obey the traffic rules, queuing rules instead of watching tv.

2, the child lost his temper, to follow his feelings, let him quickly calm, then to.

3, do some simple games, let the children know that challenge and winning or losing, it helps their understanding of the concept of rules.

30-36 months:establish property rights consciousness

children until after the age of three will be empathy, just prior to this, he can only think of"i".so baby don't understand this period feel for others","sometimes"selfish".

this stage can try to use the rules to guide"sharing behavior", such as take turns playing fighting, others waiting to play, can't grab, etc.

how should parents do?

1, respect for the baby's real right consciousness, don't force children to share, to avoid conflict, can make some rules to share behavior training.

2, play in the home can imitate scene, let his familiar and others to play with toy will encounter different situation, understand the matters needing attention.

these tips, help baby contact social

early exposure to the outside world

contact the baby to this world shouldn't only stay at home, as long as the weather permits, and take the child go out for a walk, contact with different people and things, all in their understanding of the world.

talk much more communication

i have a friend of the children have been and grandma live together, the old man about to save has been open for children to see tv, children was not how to speak more than two years old, went to the kindergarten has often clashed with children and crying.

although each child talk time is different, but the communication of language communication should have continued to lead.children's expression ability determines whether or not they would be able to say what he thinks, will also affect the desire to communicate with adults don't talk in electronic products to replace.

don't worry about personality

is not only love chat children close to the society!remember before we have the article said, even if is a solitary child, also is very normal?indrawn child focus more, they can use different forms to and society, and people, so parents do not need special demand and excessive worry.

tell the child's emotional

after 2 years old children often loses his temper, ready to blow hair.for the baby's empathy is not yet perfect, can't think and calm to control your emotions, so parents should help them handle logic, with"empathy"to follow the children speak sentiment, calm after continue to boot, don't use violence.

package mom twitter:today said these three things, are related to the mental development of 0 to 3 years old baby of the intimate relationship.children and social relations, the ability to treat people, is not really a"grown up"so simple.that parents are the first teachers of the children, in the first three years, in addition to taking care of babies eat and drink pull scatter, we also have to guide them in contact with the outside world, teach them how to get along with people, this is the best gift for their life.

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