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again!to the!before!years!!

the older, more can understand the true meaning of the old-year year, chinese new year is pass.

what is the chinese new year?is an annual parade for your life!

we chinese have a saying that:wealth is not the return of the native, such as jinyi nocturnal.

married gave birth to a child in practice for so many years, in the tide of society finally when the inspection results.achievements to show an achievement, do not have what achievement also have to look achievement.

pk field, then, is the various parties:family dinner be caring and attentive, classmates at push a cup to change, extended/priest behind every problems don't have a meaning.

so to speak, 365 days a year, only 7 days this is absolutely can't lose.

so at the moment of you, in addition to not lose faith, must also be prepared to strategic fully prepared.different life stages, for example, there must be different pk key:not married the spell of the diamond ring bag, a newly married woman show man.but with the eva, these are too superficial.can win, a key global-drying eva!


basis points get ✔

the child is the crystallization of a family, but also a family integrated embodiment of each dimension.

so is not hard to find, any occasion as long as there are more than three mother-all kinds of group, in the circle of friends, all kinds of size, dinner party, they can talk about a 300 annual summary of dimension.

these sounds trivial, stupid little chat, contains profound wisdom of life, first of all, you need to be able to join the chat, you get accepted as group tickets.

even if you haven't been able to come back a few years old, more than ten years not seen classmates, can also be easily for interpersonal relationship to break the ice.at the same time, also after a full range of excellent laid a good foundation for you-how good of you again, and so kind low ground, also from every detail reflects your love and care of children.

your life annual assessment, would get at least pass the points.


high marks problem get ✔

of course to pass the exam is not enough, it's just the warm up before the official start of the game.for any a crucial battle ahead are very important.

here we must appreciate the science and technology developed, your micro letter group became the best outpost.let children in the group with a soft waxy child's a giovanni cobolli gigli words, than what lucky charms are useful.

premium, can send period of children play the piano version of"happy new year", back on new year's poems, sing english songs in the new small video.

on the one hand, casual shows himself to the cultivation of the comprehensive quality of eva;group, on the other hand, other when age mother will definitely not to be outdone followed her video from the home.

to take this opportunity we can synthesizes eva fully prepared:

positive play:someone in a group of big show show eva made all kinds of certificate, a certificate of distinction, when once confronted in the banquet, you play to light, said:"i just want to let the child more interest, no distinction of what is not important."

side dozen:face has been used to test the piano level 10 children parents, must forget to play the piano at the party the matter-sure you don't want to include the whole afternoon in the evening, all in her chatter with eva practice employs result show in;

circuitous way:malicious triumph over each other with eva on programmes will put energy and money, and to shame said:"our money is spent on the play is xx, xx piano performance, on a tour to xx, mainly also let children to see."

this time four two dial one thousand jins quote:"education is life, life is education."american education is popular a word:"i hear, i forget.i see, i know.i do, i understand!"(i hear, i forget.i know, i saw it.i do, i understand!"you won the state from the state, and also keep the happy mood the next holiday.

in the same way, any time you can't because suddenly found less reported a"beast training class for children"is concerned, since the random condition, perhaps each other just take ten several training courses on eva try listening to lectures?

this will be very much of a pit, careful to avoid more safe than a tear.our strategy is to win in the stable, with a 10 to 20 points also is pretty good.


additional get ✔

ratios than going to the chinese new year, is trying to get a good"mix".what additional topic, is clever put the word out, without being obnoxious.chinese people pay attention to a low profile, if hang a promotion and pay increase of making a fortune in the mouth, not blind to show off the impression.

the best way to flaunt wealth?...is cry poor!

"again this year to buy a suite, the mortgage will be common, good!poor!!!!!"look said is poor, secretly want to say is:i have the ability to buy 78 million house, and each month have to at least be common.

next, silently waiting for the avalanche to praise.

when mom, or not work, can let a person find fault.had additional points, just enough to be a model for the family, relatives and friends of the idol.

full time at home with her mother's face, generally is about"the husband how much money a month to you","does your husband often come back very late,"this kind of problem, no matter how you answer it, can be in other people's imagination and forecast in the infinite fermentation;working mom more often, will be inculcation"xiangfujiaozi is the talent of women, children family is the most important, then what to do."

.thick neck and through different people are the most useless, is also likely to pour before the score.

this time, a word is enough:end up glass"are in the wine.

more irrigation ya a few glasses of wine, irrigation dizzy happy;wine woke up, the other side also have feeling for you a word"not easy"epsilon=(´&western ` *)))

new year's day is a good thing, as a child of a large family home, and get together.how the older, the more don't want to chinese new year, a year feel peremptory has become a skilled and the greasy"middle-aged woman"?

urban routines deep, rural road is slippery.where is this matter, the chinese new year is.

it want to, i decided to:ready to sent to the chinese new year red envelopes, the next year they bring the whole family all buy a plane ticket to warm island vacation...

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