children ask: why we so poor?the father replied to all parents


a lot of people in the small almost all parents asked such a question, that is the economic situation at home?many parents seemed inattentive when answering this question, and don't have much money, because they think that children early to let them know his home state of the economy will be a bad influence on their psychological development.

but really parents of this practice are some muddle, because when a child asked the question, means that they already have a judgment for money, or being around children living conditions were stimulated, parents of the answer must be careful.

when a parenting exchange activities, i learned that a parent, he told me a such a thing.once, when his son very seriously said to him,"dad, why do we so poor."the parents will feel very strange, although his home is not so rich, but also be alright, son, how can produce this idea.after talking with son, the parents finally understood.

the original, the son of parents have an economic condition to be good students, often around the"contract"in the school the cost of the friend go out activities, over time, many children became his small fans, wherever he is those surrounding him.such scenes of mind is not yet ripe for children is very attractive, the son of parents also tried several times, but eventually suffer from cash-strapped, and go away.the comparison and contrast to the son of parents is very low, so they began to complain to their parents.

when poor children complain that their own home, the parents didn't beat and scold children, because he knew that the child's rights and wrongs is very intuitive, instead of too much explanation would be he said to the child,"son, actually let's family is not poor, but these are father and mother worked so hard to earn we can be free, and you want to take you must go through our approval.if you want to like you of the classmate, spending can follow one's inclinations, only after be brought up by their own efforts to create that time, you spend money to more comfortable and we will really admire and envy you."

have to say that the parents of the answer is very wise, because in children money idea is formed, the most taboo to inculcate the two thoughts.

1.poor-mouth to children.parents of children is the most if parents always to the concept of poverty in the home, the children will let them become sensitive self-abased, the money will be very persistent, finally become the slaves of money.

2.flaunt wealth to the children.wealth also will divide the occasion, if parents always to give children money don't finish this kind of thought in the home, can let the child's values distorted, form all things up with the joneses"point of view, can't make real friend for all lifetime.

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