fresh milk baby milk to drink pure milk children which only the most nutrition?


milk is a very important part of the diet, but many mothers on how to choose the baby milk very confused:supermarket, milk, pure milk, so much, what children high calcium milk, milk which nutrition is good?are ordered to place an order for the old man said fresh milk, crowded now just have nutrition, is this true?

actually milk is a white sweet"silly", which have so many choose to good baby milk, let the baby to drink milk right, in fact is very simple!


how to choose milk

fresh milk, pure milk, raw milk what is different?

fresh milk, also known as pasteurized milk, and is controlled by a certain temperature sterilized milk.

advantages:kill the harmful bacteria in milk;maximum retained the nutrition and flavor of milk;keep a small number of beneficial bacteria.

faults:must be kept at low temperature(4 ℃), the retention time is short(7 days).

pure milk, also known as ultra high temperature sterilized milk, after ultra high temperature sterilization, was to kill all bacteria.

advantages:without refrigeration, save time also long.

faults:due to the high sterilization temperature(generally 135-135 ℃), there will be a small number of nutrition is destroyed, tastes as well as fresh milk, too.

raw milk, raw milk without sterilization.

advantages:better flavor.

faults:carry a variety of dangerous bacteria, can cause a variety of foodborne illness.

choose this:normal temperature milk and fresh milk are mainly sterilization in different ways, the main nutritional composition is similar, can choose according to demand.

don't choose this:must take to buy raw milk, a little bit of fresh taste, potentially enormous security hidden danger!

whole milk, skim milk, low fat which is better?

whole milk:directly from a cow, every 30 ml contains 3.25% to 4% of fat, calories for 20 cards;

low fat milk:get rid of some of the fat, every 30 ml contains 2% of fat, calories for 15 cards;

skimmed milk:remove all fat, every 30 ml contains 11 calories;

how to choose:whole milk taste and smell better, and good fats is very important for baby's brain unless the child is overweight or are overweight may, as well as with other doctors do not recommend, the best choice for 2 years ago or whole milk.

children's milk is more suitable for the baby?

a lot of"children's milk"brand products, mainly to add the sugar, essence let the baby more love to drink.add nutrients are slim, don't add.can only vitamin d supplements, but content is also very limited.

a little con pk large amounts of sugar, additives, don't fall for it!

milk than milk nutrition is good?

nutrient pk:primary nutrients such as calcium, vitamin, trace element basic same, quantity of heat is equal;

the goats:protein and fat are more likely to digest;slightly less lactose content;advantage:

milk rich in folic acid;types of purchase way and more;

how to choose:most of the baby milk can;choose milk should pay attention to choose fortified with folic acid.

note:baby with cows' milk allergy can also allergic to milk.


how to drink milk

how old is your baby can begin to drink milk?

the american academy of pediatrics suggest, baby can drink milk now one year old.

before the age of 1 is not recommended to drink milk:sodium and protein is too much, will give baby kidney burden, which may cause irritation.

iron content is insufficient, baby as a source of nutrition can lead to anemia.


1 before the age of the baby milk is not suitable for, but yogurt can drink to baby 6 months.fermented yogurt is not easy to absorb elements are broken down, but also provides calcium, a variety of vitamins and beneficial bacteria.

it is important to note that the demand for fat baby before age 2, should drink whole milk.

on an empty stomach to drink milk?

"hollow drink milk nutrition will waste?"

truth:in milk has three main energy:

sugars and fats can priority to resolve energy supply, won't because the conversion of energy and waste protein amino acids.

"drink milk on an empty stomach will have loose bowels?"

truth:the lack of lactase is the cause of diarrhea:

some people lack an enzyme in the body, without causing lactose directly to the large intestine, flatulence, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and drink milk on an empty stomach may aggravate the symptoms.

but most of the baby from birth has been on an empty stomach to drink milk, so there won't be the problem of lactose intolerance.

ice milk can drink?

truth:of course!

eat cold harmless to children"stomach", will drink ice milk have loose bowels still basically see eating you want to eat ice, see small master be fond of, rice cake is special love ice milk!

to boil milk to drink?

truth:normal temperature milk and pasteurized milk can drink, cold milk does not cause disease.

boiling damage in the milk nutrients, moisture volatilizes can increase the concentration of minerals, to cause the baby's kidney burden.

is now crowded with raw milk contains a large number of dangerous pathogens, must be high temperature boiling.and boil after nutrition is not better than the normal temperature milk, pasteurized milk, so it's not the best choice.

to do so:heating mode can choose water heating, or boiling time control within 1 minute.

can milk when water to drink?

truth:too much milk may cause excessive heat!

after 1 year old, the baby's main nutrition mainly depends on yu junheng food, milk can supplement calcium and other parts.but excessive drinking milk can lead to calcium and the excessive intake of fat, 1~ 3 years old baby milk daily volume of about 360 ml to 480 ml.

the baby drink milk have loose bowels?

this kind of situation happened in baby gastrointestinal disease, or after taking antibiotics.

this is because the baby temporarily lack of lactose, lactase general over time will be better.

temporary lactose intolerance, it is not serious, you can try the following several ways:

1, the milk into yogurt or cheese.

2, to reduce the amount of each drink milk, a small amount of drink many times.

3, and other food to eat do not contain lactose, such as bread, steamed bread and other foods.

symptoms serious baby to see a doctor in time, follow professional advice.the doctor may give the baby with some of the enzyme lactase supplements, may also adjust the diet advice, ensure calcium, vitamin d and can get enough protein

now many modulation with high calcium milk, shuhua milk, milk brand of milk to make a person dazzling, how to choose?

these are actually made artificial pure milk:added calcium, iron, zinc and other nutrients, are called modulation dairy or fortified milk.add the enzyme lactase to alleviate is shuhua milk lactose intolerance.

need to be alert to contain milk beverage and milk drinks.these two just using milk as a small amount of seasoning or simply only milk essence, there are a lot of sugar and additives, no good for health.

for the baby, first choice still should be fresh milk and pure milk."tall"on the strengthening milk is not too big necessary, milk beverage more harm than good.

epilogue:read this article, is never going to make a choice to buy milk for syndrome?

to choose baby milk is actually so simple:to safety-to the pap or high temperature sterilization;simple-ingredients best only three words"raw milk","pure milk","fresh milk"can be.met with a lot of what the behind that sweet, this that of, decisively abandoned.

as for drinking, basically see personal eating, normal temperature, heat can be.heating don't over, don't too much to drink, it is reasonable.

milk is a good thing, we chinese have the diet structure, the products has been relatively lack, is of great benefit for baby to get into the habit of a glass of milk every day.

today, the baby's milk supply standard?quick drink!

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