want children to be independent play little secret is hidden in happy home!

children seem to be to society, to mature, then an independent children with bear, dare to responsible will no doubt be more get social recognition, can be more mature and friendly relationship.and cultivate their sense of responsibility, independence, actually very simple, is hidden in the small household chores every day must face.

the author:a wooden peg

new shelf the arrival of the goods, son actively help me to open the package, and with the instructions to research.

period, he has been enthusiastic, a short while q:"mom, i need to do?"for a moment to ask:"mother, this right?"finally complete, son very satisfiedly say:"mother, we work together to put the shelves assembled?"

i was a little surprised, was four and a half years old he actually said a words of words, but also use properly, in the process of participation, he feel a sense of accomplishment, look particularly satisfying.

after you have kids, i always put the children to do housework wide open, always want to accompany children concentrate with their children, do the housework after the child fell asleep or not to do at home.but recently in the children's initiative to wash his clothes, and brushing shoes, carry things, i find that housework is essential to children to grow up and a chance to exercise.

a 20-year study of harvard university, children love doing housework, compared to the undomesticated employment rate for 15:1, income is 20% higher than the latter, and marriage is more happiness.

china education science research institute of the national survey of 20000 primary school students family also suggests that children do household chores of family than not to do the housework, child achievement outstanding high percentage of the 27 times.

in the process of the growth of children, household chores to children's motor skills and cognitive development and the cultivation of the sense of responsibility plays an important role.

now many of the older people complained that young people have no sense of responsibility, lazy, not bear.actually think about it, this is the old people mostly used.used to do, don't let the children in parents, the child as an adult, hope children help, children are already used to ignore.

let your child participate in doing housework, let them know that it is the responsibility of each family member and required courses, they learn to appreciate their parents is not easy, learn to pay.they only pay, labor can only learn to cherish their families, to gradually develop a sense of responsibility.

we should not deprive children exercise opportunity, should not be barriers on the way children to be independent.so we should how to cultivate children's ability to do household chores, and the establishment of the sense of responsibility and self-confidence?

1, happy home, with a positive attitude infected children.

what parents say in osmosis affects children, we should first adjust their own state of mind, in every inch of life time try to remain optimistic.

even the housework don't frown, sigh, but to see more fun, that exist in the housekeeping chores after the home clean and tidy.

when we are in a relaxed and happy state of mind in the face of the household chores, children also can suffer an infection, think doing housework is not a pain, and more willing to contact, to try.

2, allowing the child to test and creation, the kiss.

children in the process of growth, a period there will always be interested in housework.such as my son particularly keen on broom, mop, at the age of two.they enjoyed, suit with a broom sweeping the floor, mop the floor with a mop.

of course, the original is counterproductive for us, they help their participation will increase our workload.but, don't worry, this must be temporary.

if you have such an opportunity, please sensitive detection, and allow the child to try.allow children to do bad, give children more space and time, he will gradually skilled, not only satisfy their own self-confidence and a sense of achievement, can really be our little helper.

3, appropriate weakness, to be a lazy mother.

a lot of special hard-working mother, outside the family home, a person carries the last, the harvest is often a lazy child and a husband left palm cabinet, goodwife also often emotions out of control because of overwork, such family lack of stability and harmony.<br/>

learn to do a lazy mother, appropriate weakness is a smart hostess should learn, learn to let go, do their own things, not arranged, avoid any heart to hold, what matter all want tube.out of this kind of thankless embarrassing position.

let your child and husband in the family has a word, to play their role, increase their engagement and sense of control.make them more willing to return to the family, also more sense of responsibility.

4, sincere encouragement, praise.

when a child to do the housework, we will see in time, and give specific proper encouragement.don't generally praise:"you are great."but to specific, clear say:"do you wash the dishes really clean","you have to wipe the floor so bright""have you help my mother with something, mother much more relaxed."

this compliment is heart, sincere, are we really be able to see the child.such praise children can realize, and receive our affirmation and sincerity.

if the child is not ready, don't complain.but to encourage the children to have some, euphemism can be a better place.

the housework don't like writing homework, don't need strict standards, can be serious and can also be careless importantly children to participate and maintain the enthusiasm.

according to the child's age, we can go from easy to difficult, from simple housework cooperation, will let them from the"i","i can"experience the joy of labor, and gradually become independent.

the author's brief introduction:the mother of two boys, parent-child column writer.

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