you will never know how much dad with children


someone say:

now in family education, the child is"tang's monk,"mother is"monkey king", a child has something called the wu is empty;

while father is"eight quit", although go with you in the way of buddhist scriptures, the in the mind is thinking of"zhuang zi".with education at ordinary times, check the homework, parent-teacher conference these"little things", will only have to appear in the absence of the wu is empty.

so someone says:father taught is scarce of family education.

there was a good movie"atm dad":the hearts of young children, dad is atm, she had countless times fantasizing about dad with her play games, do homework..., but ultimately was a dream.

of public welfare in the end, is the following words:childhood only once, daddy, play with me.

father, is an indispensable part of children's life experience.

every child since facing the world, his growth rule is need of maternal love dwindling, paternal love is increased.

psychologist said, is no substitute for a father.

father has incalculable effects on the growth of children, the father loves the relationship with the child the formation of personality traits, in their growth, the lack of a father as"calcium deficiency.

at the university of peru, us research results show that children brought up by male high iq, they better grades in school, moves towards the society were also more likely to succeed.

cai smile later, university graduate, has been praised as"legendary"the father,"father"of dr, he personally education six children, brilliant achievements:

    <p>eldest son cai astronomical, graduated from cornell university dr., now a tenured professor at the university of pennsylvania, the youngest;</p><p>the second cai tianwu, 14 years old was admitted to china university of science and technology, the class 25 doctorate, presently for goldman sachs, vice president in the united states;</p><p>after the third cai tianshi, graduated from beijing foreign languages institute, st john's college admissions by the united states, phd;</p><p>the fourth cai tianrun, graduated from west china medical university school of medicine, after attending the university of arkansas, phd;</p><p>master of abital cai tianjun, china university of science and technology;</p><p>six female tsai days west, become the massachusetts institute of technology, phd, 18, 28 years old, the youngest, an associate professor at harvard university.</p>

many media interview him:what is your parenting tips?

he said:my father as my career.

that year with a"love birds"fire through the great river north and south of lin yi annulus, recently named in the entertainment industry of"outstanding students' parents.

the first son zi-hao lin was ranked the world's second, the first, parsons admission, known as the design institute of harvard, and a quarter of the$12000 scholarship.

the younger son leo is in the west bank ranked first thatcher middle school, the only boys enrolled in china this year.

in the growth path of two children, lin yi annulus is not missed.he said:my biggest career is the role of the father.

but not all of the father will accompany the child carefully.

a few days ago, a colleague liu lover because something back, not back in time to pick up the kids.liu specially 20 minutes early child at the school gate, only to come back empty-handed.

in the end, the school security after the mother on the phone to the child, the child came back.

children cried and said,"dad, i in the place that mom has been waiting for you at ordinary times, to all the children have gone still didn't see you, thought you what happened..."

big liu said:"i'll wait for you in your mother told me oh, can't see out of a child."

the original big liu is another school, etc, and the school, the school rules in school don't go from that place, because there was too much traffic.

big liu quipped:"i thought your school is a gate."

this is a microcosm of many dad, they always think:accompany the child's mother, he had nothing to do with.

so taiwan painter liu yong said:many dad when children are in the picture, there is no hand.why is that?because in the memory in children, father like a shadow, always can't catch.

dad brought up children, not only to perfect childhood, life is often to be able to complete.

the nobel laureate richard feynman said, my success is largely comes from his father's education.

my father's company, can give children bring a lot of unexpected benefits.

children a sense of security to establish well

father is representative of the power is strong, is a young children's heroes.

age 2 to 6 years is a key period, every child a sense of security to establish my father's company, will let the children feel more plenty of love, have more confidence and courage to face the unfamiliar world.

girl is more like a girl, the boy is more like a boy

my father's company, will let the girl is more like a girl, the boy is more like a boy.

every girl is my dad's"lover", my father's company, let the girl more gentle, kind, elegant, know how to get along with the opposite sex, enjoy the love with the opposite sex companion;

every boy is father's"small rival in love", my father's company, will let the boy has more spirit of adventure, explore, have more courage and confidence.

behavior has more self-control

frome the said:"the art of love,"the mother on behalf of nature and the land and sea, is our home;father represents the ideas of the world:law and order and discipline.

because of temperament, dad in the process of accompany children, tend to emphasize fairness and responsibility more than mom, let the children to observe the rules and tell them and the probable result of appropriate and break the rules.

so, dad brought up children, in the face of temptation, the world has more self-control and self-discipline consciousness.

and self-control and self-discipline, is perhaps one of the character of children in the future success.

personality more perfect

harvard study:born, there are two development direction, one is the intimacy, the mother in this respect has natural advantages;second, independence, it's father's natural advantage.

so, my father's company, let the child in the sense of responsibility, law-abiding, brave strong and independent character, will be more perfect.

higher iq eq

who study found that on average two hours of every day together with his father children, a higher iq and eq.

in october 2016, the chinese family education present situation,"said:the role of fathers in children's study, personality, emotion, quality, constitution has irreplaceable effect.

father before the age of 12 children with established close attachment, greatly affect the child's sense of security and happiness.

a father, however, a mother's love is like the sea, father and mother learn to complement each other, balance, can be more favorable for the development of children.

a lot dad throughout his life goal is to become a successful man.

"rich dad poor dad"in a sentence:the so-called success, is to have time to take care of their children.

any professional role can be replaced, but parents role irreplaceable.the highest return on investment is the parent-child relationship thing in the world.

so, dads have to do it:

dad loved mother

education child, father to the mother's love and support the principles of respect for his wife is a happy family.

mother the more stable mood, family mood also more stable, the child is the happiness.

is full of love and harmonious home, give the child a sense of belonging and security, can actively to face difficulties in life;home without love, children prone to negative, low expectations, temper and so on a series of problems.

the first wife ivana trump, told reporters in his own"rules"for the children, trump is firmly on his side.

when a child asked my father:"can i get this?"

trump will ask:"how do you say mother?"

the children will tell him:"mom don't agree."

trump will also tell a child he don't agree.

heart with their game

psychologist piaget said:childhood is a key period of child cognitive development, the game is their daily activities, but also to be the best way to education them.

in the game, they can get the reality can not realize the desire, can control the real trauma experience, so as to promote the healthy development of children's personality and mood.

don't have much time to accompany the child's father, and children play together can make up for a lack of many.

huang xiaoming child small sponge one one full year of life, one day, he on weibo drying out a scratchable latex, it read:son give me homework.

he's not just for my son to set up a slide, is to form a close relationship with his own son.


learn to love the expression of

"where dad 5, we can see is not enough love son, was his love too subtle, hidden in every subtle movements.

as a lot of people in memory of his father, never just say i love you, but actually really love you.

slowly, is to realize that love also need to express.he opened a"domineering eldest brother"to"tender dads"transformation process.

wash feet from dress fed sleeping, he began to tender.until i heard the jasper don't let dad grow old words, he cried psyched, arm around the child over and say"i love you".

love kids, will express it, not only on language, but also in action.

so jasper finally said to him:you are a lucky's father, because you have me as a child.

jordan chan replied:i'm a lucky dad, because you are such a lucky child.

dad unconditional love, is the most precious wealth, the child let them with confidence and happiness all my life.

the growth of children as a single train, completely irreversible.missed the perfect time to accompany children to grow up, is the best time to miss each other.

psychologist flom said:"father, education child, the child is pointed out that the road to the world."

let we can accompany, attentive caress attentively, and lead them with all their hearts, until they grow up completely.

the author:xiao yu wu, from teaching for many years, education institutions consultant, parent-child affective is always rugged and text to heal.may have no wounds and this paper, some pictures from the network, all peer originator, please do not hesitate to contact us if there are any copyright problem processing, email [email protected]

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