mother-in-law always pray to buddha for help let my daughter and son she never take

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i am native of xuzhou, appearance character comparison woman.she, but belongs to the unhappy things don't usually too.libra is entangled with don't like to upset people, have a little cleanliness.

mother-in-law is a southerner, grew up in shanghai, life habits are southern habit.mother-in-law have no sisters all are brothers, no one to communicate with her since i was a child, and no one talk, graduated from high school to work in our city.can't adapt to the local, the ways of the world nor let her lack of foundation of the ability to communicate with people.this will cause conflict in our communication.

mother-in-law always pray to buddha for help to make my daughters

all say a lot of daughter-in-law mother-in-law want a son, my mother-in-law is an exception, pray to buddha for help to granddaughter everyday, also said that is named after.i to show her countless times, both boys and girls, as long as healthy.gossipy fall for it, 'he said to the rightness, is turned to continue until i hope god bless my belly is a girl.later to more development, half-joking, earnest of say:"you must give birth to a daughter, if it's son don't expect me to help you with the children."i was speechless, only oneself over supercilious countless mmps in heart.

as a result, i really had a son, and of course, her mother-in-law also have no don't take, but i haven't chuyuezi let i must regenerate a daughter...

mother-in-law emotional intelligence really low enough

mother-in-law cultural level is not high, also don't like to learn something new.key eq is low, can talk chat so angry and you can continue singing a little song by mobile phone.

eq is low, from decided to meet their parents after marriage.first meeting, the two sides on the surface, pretending to be a meeting, i have been in the kua i kisses mom dad kind husband and said i all sorts of small faults, my mother-in-law has been nodded and said, after listening to to the rightness.then no below.speechless, having a lot of my parents after dinner i send mother-in-law went downstairs, her mother-in-law family words said to me"you don't have temperament, your mother you didn't your mother white."ah did not know her, in the respect i smile not to talk.children

the day i have been in the delivery room, pain a day and a night, the morning into the delivery room, like a sharp pain in the body broken ribs let me across the entire hospital corridor, my parents husband has been has been shed tears at the door of the mother-in-law has to go home to sleep.

lazy, also don't want to spend money

the hospital giving birth, her mother-in-law see my hospital listing straight chanting"how so expensive, gave birth to a child to spend so much money."this is a natural birth, i said i already give you save a lot of money.she had two sound uh-huh say again again, the medicine is really expensive, with no use.and then asked, when discharged from the hospital, hurriedly out of the hospital, your dead.

after recovering from an eva i discharge, mother-in-law with people playing mahjong on your mobile phone during the day, night out square dance.her home please, don't mother-in-law as long as buy vegetables, cooking also don't buy, she is not her aunt to buy supplements she didn't buy, said forget or near have no sell directly.even if go to market to buy food, what is her son likes to eat what to buy, never no matter what i need to eat in my lili.

i'm breastfeeding, don't mother-in-law with children during the day and night she didn't take, his fast asleep.

confined in hormone secretion is not stable, i cried out again, scared my husband, and her mother-in-law is still light in the living room watching tv.

mother-in-law is lack of natural brain jin

sometimes think about it, may the mother-in-law to me it's not a bad heart, is the brain lack of root reinforcement.

mother-in-law to get up at 6 o 'clock in the morning, unscrupulous pushed our bedroom door to yell out of the evening i want to feed the baby, three or four times a night, the last time at six finish feeding the baby, more than i get up at 8 o 'clock, she in the living room shouted:"oh, you really can sleep, all the time.."

to have a meal, she first to eat, i feed the child, don't say leave some for me, let me leftover.have time to do fish, i feed the child, fish tail left...

she loves to drink gruel, one person can take out a pot.once the sweet potato porridge, i said leave some for me, the sweet potato piece didn't leave, only half a bowl of porridge.i dui her directly.why don't you even pan drank together?she says with a laugh.don't eat sweet potato well at me eat up all...

go out shopping.bought two pairs of slippers home to show off, look!son!i bought two pairs of cotton mop wear a try, i bought myself a pair of,(me holding the baby in the living room at this time the central)...turned into the house after i miss my parents and then cry...

the husband just fall in love with me is actually likes his quiet a few words, be i just know, he all this weak communication affected by family.experience told me that if you want to know a person, know his family.but i also didn't have a chance from the new, also can only be glad that my husband is very good to me, iq eq is normal for the time being.

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