venus asked smile still to have two children only saying a word


people say on the red sofa, venus is not to have children, is a good thing, but smile to sit, like that.

in the morning to send sweet jasmine kindergarten, is captured by a reporter, the two wrapped, seems to want to avoid the line of sight.

kindergarten respectively, smile with sweet jasmine is pressed incessantly, forehead, cheeks, nose, loathe to give up.

the aunt come in with a sweet xin, smile always stood didn't leave, has been to wave goodbye sweet xin.

sweet xin went in, smile or not go, began to wipe tears in place, paper towel agent and handed it several times.

some people say that smile is play much, i think, a little sad, especially see sweet xin smile so lovely sensible.

smile is venus show in three years ago, at that time when sweet jasmine at the age of three, may also be the sweetest when three.

a bottom to sit down after venus and said, i see you so happy, joking, ready to two foetuses, smile a shy smile.

sweet jasmine three years old, the family harmony, and the smile is the northeast person, still want to have another son.

so, venus persistence seriously asking it again, did you talk to li xiaolu, what also don't want a second child.

i began to think that smile will begin to tai chi, the results did not think of smile firmly answered a word, to.

venus is a little bit don't believe her ears, immediately ask, really false, said smile, really.

smile said i like children, don't say is to have two children, he even want five six births, more children, home to busy.

smile continue to say, anyway i also nothing important status in the home, mother to control him, little control he moves, even sweet xin could control him.

so, having more than one control me, it doesn't matter.

i suddenly thought of, li xiaolu to yang lan said, i don't have to speak, i can get hold of him.

however, venus came a laugh, you are miserable.

smile is really a bit miserable, foreign all say it is not a good husband, nor a good father, is imposed on his label.

but tolerates li xiaolu is praise, smile to yang lanfa period of sixty seconds of speech, has said the latter is a wife and mother.

is virtuous, filial, kind, not material, has the compassion, the fancy praise, li xiaolu himself listened to suppress laughter.

but smile says he is always in perfect the role of the father and husband, venus asked his actors and the two roles which do you have a good time.

smile or not hesitate to choose the husband and father, he said in his efforts.

may until now still trying to smile, but think of to send sweet jasmine that loneliness is a solid figure, and felt sad.

said to have two children, face is permeated with a happy smile, but now, with sweet, couldn't help to tears.

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