when a man have a daughter just know what call double standard!bao mother saw a jealous!

when a man in this life is the most"double standard"

is with her daughter's day

my husband is a generous generous rough man not fussy, eight feet tall, the image of mr wham! when both feeling...but since i have a daughter, he began to lie prone to cat to school would be to"please"daughter"the small white rabbit darling".i've often said, the somebody else is"to marry the wife forget niang", he is"gave birth to a daughter forgot daughter-in-law".

this will also have to start from a water experience-i drank a few cold boiled water, prepare to allow son also a cup of your thirst, kingdom in the lateral side lazy husband immediately sit, oh my, you are blind, how can the girl to drink cold water!i:...countless mmps across(heart)

i drink cold water, there is no

daughter to have serious said no

is men are so"double standard"?

later, allow mom was read in the news"double standard"of the original more than allow dad, entertainment industry has a daughter dads all have this in common, let a person in stitches, after watching the resonance:


when dad have a daughter and son are"on"

representative:david beckham

since he have a daughter small seven, his sons became"will"...

before the small seven, beckham a painting style is such left

three sons equal, beckham while holding the younger son, hug his wife victoria, but the attention was on the pitch.

when xiao qi was born, the family becomes such a painting style-as if there is a gap between his daughter and son, beckham, serious look at show, and now the whole hold seven show affection between father and daughter.

no daughter, sons also honey

after have a daughter, originally i have a son?

this"double standard"index, i make full marks!


since i have a daughter, he see anyone as"bad guys"

representative:liu geng hong

recently popular"the dad 5,"liu geng hong is a complete slave"daughter", before has no daughter, he is a sauce aunts son

have a daughter after small puffs, liu geng hong unconditional obedience to her daughter.daughter let him mermaid skirt, his heart hundreds won't, mouth also read aloud"father has reserved"left

but the body is very honest...you this is which ah, daughter laugh, let our hot eyes left

in the history of the most deadly mermaid princess on the

in"dad 5","liao's"ahem'd like to invite small puffs to visit the house of his own, but they have not found a house...ahem father study on modern hotel groups aside, he left to play with small puffs.

ahem puff more stick together, also take photos amused puff number plate, the picture is very beautiful left

but well behind not found there is a dark power of wave, called"the father-in-law gaze"left

ask you afraid of!which have super idol burden liu geng hong so successful promotion to the expression"package"team left

liu geng hong heart os:smelly boy, mao never long qi to arch my chinese cabbage!!!!!!net friend:don't be afraid of, son-in-law beat you!

before have a daughter, for children, tender invincible friendly<br/>

after have a daughter, all close to my daughter's bad

geng hong dad, can you still more double standard!


when dad know daughter in love after all crazy

representative:jay chou

since i have a daughter hathaway,"small public election"jay chou became completely"daughter".son of what do not exist, the value of sun son has faded out scope of jay's memory.

4 months old daughter, conveniently strum a few notes, chou set immediately to a song, a song of infinite past lovers, visible daughter deeply.

when asked by reporters, if the future know daughter falls in love, will you?jay on the spot to jilt malicious words:"of course interrupted her leg!"

and jay is understood to be the first love of age at the age of 14

your enjoying adolescence love

daughter love is resolute don't agree

if this is not called"double standard"?

even used to"spoil his wife slasher"wang wife big s also suffered a"double standard", a word says the mother's voice:

when asked if wang doesn't love you?big s serious face moans left

always careless ying cai er in"daughter"this matter also hesitated for a long time, poking fun at jordan chan to jasper is"good wear socks, hurry up!"for small puffs"to come~~~ dinner meal~~"

reasoning, daughter is to reduce their quality of life, the rival in love, not worthwhile uneconomical

look for these"daughter slave"dad, just understand what is"tough guy tenderness", soft and even treasure mother is jealous.

jokes, only to find the

a mother actually every

there are so deeply in love with our father

we were

on dad's shoulder to see the boundless universe girl

sometimes catch up wildly in his face

he also won't angry, let we going it

almost all dads want time to pass slower, hope can spoil her daughter's time longer.they couldn't imagine her daughter get married that day, how to hand his daughter into another man hands.

although done mama says he can't stand, but every time i see allow dad walked over to give her daughter a story, carrying her daughter riding horses, and feel very warm.

"daughter slave"dad is very good, also hope that all the girls can feel the softness and tenderness and love.

in the end, the national father-in-law han for his daughter's message to the world"the daughter:"

i hope she healthy, happy, any promise is false, as long as her good character and kindness.i want a lifetime to support my daughter, let her food, want to play to play what you, what come out on top, ambition, are empty.what she wants, what i gave her.

even if which day can't make money, i was driving to li also want to let her have a good, let my children no longer feel shame for their parents did."

parents believe that this is all true.

interactive:after watching, feeling warm and acid?home and have a daughter, father is a kind of what kind of experience, mothers are the most say, hurriedly to comment make fun!

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