flu will decline before the spring festival?pediatricians say do this treatment more effectively

parents complain that"n hours to bring the baby to the hospital, the doctor n minutes, a large family all tired", actually we doctors don't want to see more hospitals are people from morning till night, especially a baby n a grown-up surrounded by such a doctor"standard"well,


it is easier to give the cargo"cross infection"the opportunity to succeed!

flu will decline before the spring festival?

the hottest topic in the winter, flu said the second.no one dare to say first, then the 2018 flu happen to what point?

left for authority, and my parents come to"know thy enemy."

from the national health development planning commission medical hospital authority is the authority of the news:this year's flu from clinical symptoms, and the specificity of the previous flu nothing special performance, basic it is high fever, chills, sore muscles, fatigue and other flu symptoms.for now, the virus has not mutate, nor produce new drug resistance.

it is a good news from national influenza center:although the incidence of influenza at the rapidly rising stage, close to the popular curve peak, but through the usual monitoring data and experience, should influenza before the spring festival activities will be significantly lower, may return to low level.before the spring festival should be a peak is over, a downward trend.

the treasure to survive, parents continue to make efforts to prevent and care, you go through this hard time together.

baby have these situations will go to a hospital

the xiaonangou had said before, not every baby flu is coming to the hospital, the symptom is lighter, body temperature is not high, spirit, or just have a runny nose cough baby, come to the hospital instead, there is the risk of cross infection, family care more advice.

but if the baby fever for more than 40 ℃(especially), appetite is bad, want to sleep all day, people didn't spirit, severe diarrhea or break out repeatedly, the flu has produced some complications, or want to hospital in time.

if your baby is less than two years of age, and complications are more likely to happen, after comparison is more like the flu, also need to go to the hospital as soon as possible.

if your baby has been in the hospital, see a doctor for the first time in three days still fever or symptoms of new or existing symptoms aggravate, need to go to the hospital again.

with the baby before going to the hospital 4 q

when the baby had to come to the hospital, parents or other elders don't rush to the family, after all, take baby you also understand, at the moment is not an easy thing, so, a lot of preparation work or want to do, after all, everyone wants to be treated effectively?

small suggestions, with the baby before going to the hospital, had better ask yourself some questions:

1, am i to the baby's illness is the most familiar with?

the xiaonangou seen mom and dad to work busy, entrust the elders to take children to see a doctor, or a mother couldn't take time off let father take her, or is everyone with all don't rest assured to...results about the baby's condition, such as time, temperature, symptoms of fever;time, frequency, have phlegmy cough;time, frequency, symptoms of vomiting or diarrhea, etc., many say not clear or too vague.

so will extend the baby in the hospital time, increase the risk of cross infection, and secondly you my sentence, it will interfere with the doctor's diagnosis.

there are some baby before you eat any medicine, what drug allergy, etc., is not the most familiar with him, do not know.

2, is there any necessary to so many people go to the hospital?

three generations just one or two baby, ill nature, but really don't need a baby+4/6 of the adult's exaggerated collocation.

in so many small hospital patients, if each sent a lot of people, so many people crowded together, not only the baby easy to increase the probability of cross infection, adults also might be infected.

like influenza b, love deceives old bullying, or give it less chance to succeed.

3, i could coax baby darling to see a doctor?

a lot of children to the hospital, not avoid injections, blood, medical staff itself workload big, encounter the land grab anyway don't cooperate with the baby cry day, really fuck broken heart.

so, parents or other elders best can coax baby darling, baby instead of intimidation or deception, such as"painless painless", the results of a needle, later we how to say the baby would not listen to any more.

when ill-matched baby too much, not only hold up his own clinic, also affect the other children.

4, for each person face mask?

this is a very key details, not only in the hospital the baby to wear face masks, parents or other elders also had better wear a mask.

influenza mainly depends on the droplets in the air, interpersonal contact or contact with contaminated items, is the easiest way to catch a cough and sneeze droplets.

put on a mask, is a very good self protection, can reduce the probability of cross infection.

in addition to wearing a mask, after baby see disease, quickly brought him home, stranded hospital also will increase the probability of cross infection.

hope to cooperate with our doctors, mom and dad together to help the baby survived peak flu!

more fascinating parenting content, pay attention to a pediatrician fish left, thank you!

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