to have such parenting artifact you may never have seen money baby products

today, do not say this, to introduce the 20 parenting artifact, please sit down, the whole protect his chin, ensure that the full text, the chin is still in its original position.we started:

parenting artifact 01-dad saddle.have you ever heard of saddles, never heard of"dad saddle"."dad saddle"is to take children to go to the zoo, artifacts, all kinds of outdoor performance show when your child calm and sat on a"dad saddle"concentrate on the magnificent sight and animal, absolute instant kill around a bunch of parents and children.

parenting artifact 02-bb portable folding tent.with it, you can take your lovely baby went to the outdoor nature.wind, sun, mosquitoes, and very portable, folding, portable, in the car trunk also did not take a place.

extension tube parenting artifact 03-tap.with it, children can wash your hands, do it ourselves, helps to cultivate good habits of life and self-confidence.

parenting artifact 04-magic lid.grab a cup to, can be set on, never slack, food grade material, safe and reliable.not only bring the seal suction nozzle, but also can be used with a straw.

parenting artifact 05-escalator can adjust the height and angle of the escalator, convenient him child climbed up the toilet, let baby toilet at ease.

parenting artifact 06-sea beach swimming pool.can take children to go to the beach with good equipment, sunshade, can water, let your children to play by themselves, also let parents can enjoy a moment's leisure.

parenting artifact 07-suction-cup boys urine slot.he will aim at the small leaf, that is, should stand the hiss hiss!

parenting artifact 08-tub cover plate.5 seconds bathtubs into small bathtub, adjustable size position, no leaking.let the children wash while playing.

parenting artifact 09-crawling anti-skid protection mat.haven't learned to walk, before use it to protect the baby's knee, and prevent slippery, heat preservation effect.

parenting artifact 10-an injection of the small bee.this thing is designed for all the children afraid of injections, can have a buzzer vibration, there are ice compress effect, lovely modelling can attract children's attention completely, vibration and the feeling of ice compress, can reduce the child for the degree of sharp needles pierce.injection and headache for the child's parents, might as well try.

parenting artifact 11-antiskid plate don't have to worry about the child put the bowl of food to get seven or eight miscellaneous, even throw the bowl on the helpful for training the children themselves to have a meal,

parenting artifact 12-pregnant mother special air cushion.the advantage is that you can lay down to sleep.regret that don't know how this good things, it doesn't matter, can use to have two children.

parenting artifact 13-specifically dealing with does not love children take a nap artifact, hammock rocking chair.must let the child climbed up lying down.

parenting artifact 14-the pacifier shield.after use will automatically shut down, no pollution to protect the pacifier.

parenting artifact 15-hook parenting straps.o looks a little funny, put the baby to hang on the wall, to be honest, the foreigner has really great snacks.

parenting artifact 16-brush to wash their hands regularly training.this thing is actually a electronic times, brush your teeth regularly for 2 minutes, so as to ensure the brushing effect.wash your hands regularly for 20 seconds.of course, also can adjust their own time.

parenting artifact 17-electric cradle.this is a premium product, cradle has a variety of patterns, including music is more portable, more high on the big products.

parenting artifact 18-intelligent small socks.this product belongs to the wearable devices, can through the phone app monitor records the child's heart rate, breathing, and in the presence of abnormal immediately by phone wake up their parents.with this baby is not afraid of midnight spit milk the choking risk of respiratory tract.

parenting special fog artifact 19-children filter.beset by fog and exhaust parents might as well try.

20-can ride a pram parenting artifact.transformers is the stroller, folding bicycles, plus the combination of the pram, absolutely is a favorite of dads, took the baby to drive.and then go home to kneel washboard!

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