in winter do the assist food for your baby to eat sick less often grow taller again!

【 introduction 】 the baby development requires a lot of nutrition, such as the baby in the five months, the mother is about to start making assist food for your baby to eat, to supplement the nutrition.and before the side dish that, mom need to master some recipes.the following share baby to assist food production 100 to mothers, hope to help mothers.

baby see production 100(1)

baby see refer to the extra food in addition to the mother's milk, including baby rice flour, mud paste food, etc.what are the baby side dish recipe?share 20 next to mom, mom don't miss oh.

1, rice noodles, a bowl with containing a small amount of rice noodles, heating water, stir with chopsticks clockwise, until the rice flour into a paste, feeding the baby to eat.

2, rice water, rice will wash clean, pour into the pot add water use simmer, into a lousy cook porridge, then take the rice water is fed to the baby of the upper.

3 water, vegetable, with fresh lettuce, rape or chop choy, add boiled to pan and cook for about 10 minutes, you can take food fed to the baby to drink water.

4, tomato juice, xinxiang tomato to buy home, with a juicer squeeze juice, then add a small amount of sugar, stir well, for your baby to drink.

5, carrot soup:take fresh carrots, wash, cut to pieces, pour into the pot, add water to boil, about 1 hour, juice and sugar.after waiting for cooling.

6, stewed meat soup, chicken, beef, cut into minced meat, add chopped green onion, ginger, and small amounts of water, poured into the pot boiled, it takes about three hours.

7, egg drop soup:flour, add in egg and add enough water to knead the dough, then pressed into thin slices, into the pot boiled, remember to put before adding water, and eggs as thin as possible.

8, shrimp paste, fresh shrimp to buy back, to clean the shell, then take meat chopped, add water cooked in the pan, add, starch and a small amount of salt into a paste.

9, butter, egg yolks, half starch half spoon, add water, into the pot boiled, and cook, stirring, until sticky when add milk, 3 tablespoons ceasefire, cool honey after eating a little.

baby see production 100(2)

some baby chewing ability is weak, for some fluids and earthy foods.mother added her baby in the side dish, it is better to start with porridge or slimy food.the following share assist food recipes to mom.

1, banana porridge:banana 1 small section, 2 tablespoons of milk powder, banana first chop mud, add water boil banana porridge, again add banana porridge in milk powder, stir well and serve.

2, milk, egg yolk rice porridge, rice water half bowl, boiled eggs, egg yolks to grind into powder, and then adjusted the milk powder, stir in rice soup and egg yolks, mixed evenly.

3, fresh corn paste, fresh corn, half cut corn kernels, fry juicer into mud, then cook to feed the baby to eat.

4, pear sauce:1 pear, rock candy right amount, peel pears to nuclear first, pour into the pot boiled with sugar, finally rolling into a paste.

5, fresh orange juice:orange with squeezed orange extract juice and then heating water, mix after feeding the baby to drink.

6, watermelon juice:cut watermelon flesh into small pieces, into the juicer squeezed into a watermelon juice, then pour cup, feeding the baby to drink.

7, apple, carrot juice, carrot, apple peel cut into parts, ground up into the juicer squeezed into juice, serve immediately.

8, carrots, hawthorn juice, hawthorn, carrots, wash, into the pot, add water to boil, then filtered juice with gauze.

9, tomato, apple juice, fresh tomatoes, half a half an apple, after washing, juiced juicer.

10, bai luobo pear juice:a small white radish, pear, half juiced juicer after wash, can drink.

11, shrimp paste, shrimp mince meat shreds, pour into the pot add water steam, then add a little oil and salt and serve.

12, liver paste:the liver and lean pork clean, cut into mince, add water into the pot and serve immediately....

baby see production 100(3)

to add baby side dish must nutrition, otherwise, will affect the baby's growth and development.that within 1 year old baby suit to eat what side dish?the following share assist food recipes to mom:

1, tomato potato chicken porridge:at the end of the add water boiled potatoes, cut chengxiaoding.tomatoes, cut into small pieces.pan, stir-fried until cooked, then put the two mixed one.with soft rice into the pot, cook for 8 minutes.serve immediately.

2, fritillaria porridge:fritillaria research into fine at the end of the rice porridge boil, mixed together, add rock sugar to boil.serve.

3, sesame porridge:black sesame and stir-fry until done.rice to wash clean, both cooked, mix together sugar, cook for a while, then edible.

4, pumpkin sweet potato hominy:cubed to corn, sweet potatoes, pumpkin in a pot with water, stir well to add brown sugar and serve.

5, shrimp soup noodles, boiled shrimps, chop, chop vegetables, add stock to pan, together with the fire boil.

6, white gourd minced meat noodles:winter melon slices to clean, cut up meat very fine, cook until cooked lousy after take out, and the noodles together with fresh soup to cook for a while.

7, tomato egg assorted noodles:eggs, half noodles right amount, tomato is right amount, add to pan, clear water, after and add a little salt and serve.

8, steamed pumpkin:pumpkin or sweet potatoes on the plate, pour into the pot steamed, have aperient effect.

9, colorful winter melon dish:will wax gourd, diced scallops open blisters soft, together into the stew, steamed to winter melon crisp rotten, sprinkle with green onion at the end of the can.

10, steamed cod:cod, onion, ginger, soy sauce, right amount, pour into the pan, into the pot steamed.

11, double yolk bean curd:put eggs into the pot, put tofu in plate, cross into slices, add water to boil, remove the egg, egg yolk, and salted duck eggs, a bowl with screen or spoons trituration....

baby see production 100(4)

many babies eat breast milk, will refuse to eat side dish, may be because mom's side dish doesn't taste good.mothers can collect more assist food recipes, take turns to do for your baby to eat, understand the taste of the share some assist food recipes to mom:

1, shrimp meat dishes assorted soft noodles:liver will drain water after chopped shrimp meat, add a small amount of egg white, green onion and ginger, add cooked shrimp meat, cooked.

2, tomato egg soup noodles:tomatoes, eggs, vegetables cut into, adding suitable amount of fresh soup, boiled together, serve immediately.

3, shrimp eggs spinach knife cut noodle soup:take egg whites and flour, roll it into strips, add prawns, eggs, and then sliced into the pot.

4, chicken cabbage dumplings:the wrappers, chicken, cabbage, celery, pour into the pot with water, cook and serve.

5 small wonton, shrimp paste, daming shrimp, small wonton skins, spring onions, laver together in the pan, add sesame oil, sprinkle with salt and serve.

6, steamed fish, fish clean, add green onion, ginger, ham, mushrooms, etc, together in the pan, pour the boiled soy sauce, cooking wine, salt.

7, tofu soup of crucian carp, crucian carp to clean clean, the pot into the cooking oil, add the sauce and cook for 10 to 15 minutes, at the end of the sprinkle with green onion.

8, fried potato chips, potato, plain salad, vegetable oil, potato slices first, into the pan fry until brown bubbles, add flavor to vegetable and salad.

9, mushrooms braised tofu, tofu dish, add cooking wine, 40 minutes into the pot steamed, sliced, the fire to boil, with a simmer for 10 minutes, drizzle sesame oil serve.

10, mushroom and tofu loach stew:loach drop a few drops of vegetable oils, slaughter after clean, cut into pieces, blanch in hot water, small heat for 40 minutes....

baby see production 100(5)

the baby's mother beloved baby, health is mom looking forward to grow up.if because of the bad eating eat right and the influence is healthy, his mother would feel very, the mother to do nutrition diet for your baby to eat.

1, pork 1:1.2:mushroom warm maceration, winter bamboo shoot, black fungus, mushrooms and onion cut into pieces, together with a small fire stew to sauce thickened, doused with a thin wet starch, cook and serve.

2 beef, tomatoes, tomato, beef, suitable amount of ginger, spring onion, add water for 30 minutes into the rice cooker, add in beef and soup, boiled meat rotten soup thick brown.

3, smoked bean curd, pork, bean curd, lean meat, spring onions, chives, shredded ginger, sugar, chicken essence, will be cut into filaments, food oil, saute, add shredded ginger boiled together on putting meat and other raw materials, to stir-fry slightly.

4, fried 3 d:eggs, tofu, cucumber, a few of starch, onion, ginger is right amount, in a bowl and uniform, refueling steamed steamed, cut chengxiaoding serve.

5, quail wolfberry:stew quail, chinese wolfberry, together into the pot, add water and salt boil and serve immediately.

6, article cucumber honey:cut cucumber into strips, put the pot to boil after remove liquid by hot add honey, boil again.

7, towel gourd, black fungus, towel gourd plane skin biopsy, agaric abluent, garlic cut at the end of the fine.heat oil into the pan, put towel gourd and agaric stir-fried, will mature, add garlic and salt spray into the thin water starch, stir-fry for a while.

8, crisp cashew:cashew clean, in the microwave heating, cold after the serve, have the effect of brain puzzle.

9, amber peach kernel, walnut meat, cooked sesame, sugar bowl, heat oil into the pan, pour into the walnut kernel fry over medium heat until yellowing, pour into boiling water, add sugar and stir to melt, stir fry until brown, sprinkle in sesame seeds, namely....

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