baby turned up to sit up go run and jump time of it is worth collecting!


baby will turn a few months?

a few months baby will crawl?

you care baby to turn over, lift, sit, crawl, walk, run, jump, said

a few months of the baby can walk?

a few months baby will dress himself?

this is a novice parents very care about topic, to see the early child development illustrated edition, easily readable, memorable!

every baby is unique, the development of the following time is average.their baby development must be early or late is normal, don't mind.1 months

stomach, clench fist, kick, sweep of his arm, listen to the voice response, acute senses, vision blurred.

2 months

to start learning, found his own hand, a smile, occasionally there will be a variety of emotional reactions.

3 months

stomach can hold up his upper body, can lift 45 degrees, began to see and do together.

4-5 months

will roll over, laugh, a single syllable, like looking at herself in the mirror.

5-6 months

supported can sit down for a while, independently will mumble attention, lying can scroll the body in a different way.

6-7 months

can sit, flexibility to turn, hand-eye coordination is good, more rich expression.

7-8 months

start crawling, learn two fingers to grasp, the sound of the increase, enhanced understanding of adult language ability.

8-9 months

can help stand, tapping can sound like objects, hand movements more flexible.

10 months

to be able to stand up, occasionally can walk a few steps, can use cup to drink water, he likes to play, also don't want to share with others.

11-12 months

can help walk, fingers will greatly enhance the flexibility, books, become active, can speak simple words, associative ability enhancement.

12-15 months

learn to walk, will be bent down to pick up things, can have intense curiosity, simple communication, memory is good, began to have their own ideas.

15 to 18 months,

like to try their hand washing, wash a face, can control urine, can freely drop, can speak simple sentence, to enhance ability to analyze and solve problems, like to imitate.

18-21 months

can carry small items, the germination of 10 small tooth, good balance development, to be able to run and jump squat, began to try to solve the problem by themselves, to express yourself some wishes and requirements, enhance creativity.

21-24 months

walk back, to do something independently, such as hand washing, toilet, hand-eye coordination to further strengthen, can do some simple household chores, such as watering the flowers.

24 to 30 months

to walk freely, can wear clothes, fold the clothes independently, can also do some housework, such as wipe the table, such as shoeshine, to further improve language ability, you can talk with other people.

30-36 months

can be cut, washed, such as planting work independently, can use all kinds of words to express their emotions, began to study social, take the initiative and greet with friends, language ability by leaps and bounds, the sports ability has been very strong.

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