midwives incense every day people baffled decide she is not human


story:midwife incense every day, people feel strange, decided that she is not a mortal<br/>

jiangsu menglan feng is a famous town, county, midwife, craft is very good, birth mothers no fewer than eight thousand, in addition to the five stillbirth, are all alive.

this is a day, huang bei village one family, malposition, feng jiangsu menglan drove past, she was dying and tossing about, feng jiangsu menglan too tired to the whole body is sweat, delivered a black in the face of a baby, she confessed,"there are so many caring about the children in the home, is life groom and driving home.

to the fork road town, heard a baby crying, feng, jiangsu menglan parking along the sound to find, find an infant in the grass, there is a baby girl, lack of the von jiangsu menglan sighs, the baby get in the car and continued on his way.

she was a large house, house full with spearmint at birth, since can remember, he said that the human body odor, insist on constant sniffing sandalwood, especially in the boudoir twelve hour burning incense, as the anecdotal stories.later, father accidentally offend temple, is actively, gone, since then family wealth.and engagement with the feng jiangsu menglan surnamed gao, afraid of involvement, ruin the marriage contract, make a clean break.von jiangsu menglan with soft, thousands of miles away to the distant county, town, after, when seeing a heritage baby, mind do, picked up, and then settled in here, a girl, not married, with children, in years past, feng jiangsu menglan old pain to add new fat, no marry.

at a young age by his father, quite understand delivery of, carry, of things, her a lifetime enough to eat and drink not sorrow, because many women can't such security, saw all around for their free clinics, earns nothing, shenshiguicha, made a midwife.sometimes a few interest kung fu, it is possible to let the mother turned the corner, feng jiangsu menglan bought the carriage again, for a rainy day.

but don't want to, for fame, traveled a lot of people assigned to her baby, feng jiangsu menglan regardless of rank, riches and honor, equally.

sorry baby wind from time to tome, some other peoples, for a number of births are girls, and men shall not abandoned by the roadside, also some inherent disabilities, parents afraid trouble on, will be left in the wild.von jiangsu menglan pick up to many times but baby, i do not know who their parents are, he brought home, the home children more and more very much, feng jiangsu menglan and hired a number of household servant, to take care of the children's daily life.

fortunately, her early purchase many fields and has a long peasant accept for the species, these children are also and not sorrow.

someone heard that jiangsu menglan xi feng sorry baby, specially came from the other cities, the child to her, feng jiangsu menglan think they are good at first, then i notice they turned out to be the baby's biological parents, can not help but great anger, don't receive this kind of free people.but some clever man, ask to the travel route of jiangsu menglan fung, place your child path, feng jiangsu menglan saw that, cannot be ignored, but the infant will be home with you.

surface people praise von jiangsu menglan, said she had a bodhisattva heart and heart laughed at her full support.

a flash for 30 years, added more than seventy children in the house.

some children malady, home soon, will die, in the past two years, yao is more and more, feng jiangsu menglan feel sorry, draw a graveyard, specially to bury them.

but don't know many.abandoned children have on the road, people are busy, two days no one tube, once someone picked them home, died at home, this person will be criticised, men, women and children can be hypocritical using their breath to drown the people.feng jiangsu menglan name unclean, and they scold her loathe to give up money to see a doctor, but day and night in the room of incense.

and people with heart, see her adopted the child, mostly lack the arm little leg, was the best of slander, said the children received the von jiangsu menglan abuse, these children, and perfect originally into jiangsu menglan fung house, was digging eye slit nose, the more correct words spread even mad.the most pleased that such a gossip, wish to see feng jiangsu menglan that such a one man's side, and don't go to, regard her as monsters, delivering hide evil deeds.

by von jiangsu menglan origin is unknown, the property is not thin, and traces of xi adopted the infant, taipei county has played a great fantasy, feng jiangsu menglan"hex, dig their eye beads, refined into a potion, drop on the clod rock, they will turn into gold bars, cut their meat, and extract fat cream, besmear is on the rotten wood, can become a silver ingot.children who can't bear sin, and die.burning incense in the house, is actually the evil spirit.

taipei county feng jiangsu menglan's eyes slowly changed, is full of suspicious, jealousy, anger, fear afraid...is there a grateful.

no longer dared to find von jiangsu menglan midwives, is for a whole month, only in today, feng jiangsu menglan pressed for more than 60 mile, delivering huang bei village for a family.or for the very poor, if his wife died in childbirth pool is insufficient money to renew a, this just bite the bullet and find von jiangsu menglan.

von jiangsu menglan left, left a few scattered pieces of silver, let weak maternal mend the body.

thought of here, feng jiangsu menglan girls and look at my arms the lack of a purpose, thirty years ago, picked up a child, also is at the crossroads to settle town, just like rebirth.

get back to the house, just a few columns sandalwood, hear outside noise, the concierge to newspaper, said a lot of people came out, and my official is poor, for fire, and shouted, uber, flap gate.

von jiangsu menglan frowned and stepped to the door, he opens the door.old janitors hesitate, also want to say what, feng jiangsu menglan motioning with his hand and said:"come on, open it, the body is not afraid of a crooked shoe."

gates open, flames, atsuko, people show fire more than one thousand people.they see feng jiangsu menglan out, stop the noise, eagerly stared at my official is poor.

my official headed by bad at jiangsu menglan feng said:"the female manned, taipei county has recently reported, said you misbehave, designed to pick up but, gouge out his heart, peel the liver, made the introduction, seeks the wealth for oneself, is not?"

von jiangsu menglan shivering was so angry, loudly scold a way:"something which is not long eye dirty my reputation, posthumous child born disabled, the poor, and abandoned by the roadside, they don't ask, the old niang i adopt home, you still stand by, died, and they are going to do with the old niang, open your eyes look at the seventy-two children, which is not i worked so hard to keep up, gouge out heart?i see some people's conscience is being gouged out!"

words, sao official poorly flushed, who remained for a moment, suddenly, a man said:"the more than seventy children, are short of arm, lost limbs von jiangsu menglan, you have them, is actually a dog pig, cut a piece of meat from time to time, generative just for you!"

von jiangsu menglan chou chou, the speaker hide in the dark, can't see their faces, just wanted to refute, the crowd began to stir, chanted"monster."

my official made a bad leader, please action, feng jiangsu menglan to tell them to go to the county department.

flames reflected the face of all, feng jiangsu menglan suddenly feel that they are ferocious, the heart of difference, the leader said:"i am with you to go to the county, but the need to talk to your family."

head shake head a way:"city the master said, to avoid you destroyed to witness, i immediately and you back to the office, if you are wrong, in vain, nature is not afraid of our brothers, searched the house, you say?"life for a few people take feng jiangsu menglan, few people broke into the house, search box cabinets, very anxious to turn over all the land.

20 days later, feng jiangsu menglan intending to, they would be county agency upside-down, sky lanterns.

there is only a sin, can enjoy this sentence.

city to master said feng cfa jiangsu menglan mining of living cut, evidence, should be condemned to displayed, this intention of taipei county, line there are evil spirits, firewood fire, sky lanterns had.taipei county

the extremely happy look lively, pick up the root of firewood, each throw into the stands, the executioner put von jiangsu menglan feet beam live, upside-down.

von jiangsu menglan is upside-down, recognized the audience some acquaintances, or for their wife and even took the daughter daughter-in-law, at this point, they are hoping that he was burnt into ashes.

think of house adopted children, feng jiangsu menglan a pain in his heart,"after i die, who will take care of them..."at this point, the executioner lit the fire, little, the whole stand into a blaze.

von jiangsu menglan to tears.

all of a sudden, the stands collapsed, a white light in the fire, into the sky.where to look in the fire and von jiangsu menglan shadow.

, less viewers to react, shouted:"indeed as expected is uber!"

von merely jiangsu menglan thin body, so many thoughts in heart, instantly understand their real identities, purple mirror.

50 days ago, purple lens fairy and qing xu jun in qingluan peak game, gratuitous fidgety, again difficult to meditation, and all the infant child crying.qing xu tao jun twist to micro moreover, said her dust heart throb, might as well go to the mortal world, purple mirror fairy nod, qing xu tao jun avatar, obsessed with the shadowing the fairy, every child, become the rich daughter von jiangsu menglan, fifty years of dust, in the heart.

50 years, naked, tasted von jiangsu menglan insisted, both purple mirror fairy place, light(yuntou, staring at such as cricket mortals, before things think impassability, instantly solve knot.

although the city made in jiangsu menglan fung house find nothing, but taipei county all think feng jiangsu menglan guilty, city has also reluctant to inverse meaning, lest give people handle, and solved the case, also can increase their own authority, to the next.feng with the jiangsu menglan yu huai jin, taipei county and the very different, that's, is the big mistake.


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