treasure mom years winterizing chunsheng tall and clever son all by a secret!


smart momma always had a masterpiece, a well mom was smart mom.son name pick up all right, now seven years old, than ordinary children grow tall and strong, friends and neighbors are going to be absolutely green with envy.mother is clever children, don't waste the jingoistic mom a hard!

everything has a rule, people conform to the regularity of the growth.huang di nei jing yue:"long chunsheng, summer, autumn harvest, winterizing".winter is the season of sun be the spirit hidden closed.people who want to go to bed early, late, notice heat preservation, don't take the sun be the spirit spilled out, this is the path to comply with the winter keep not pay attention to winterizing, will hurt kidneys, brothers are easily impotent weaker spring, sun be the spirit of growth will be affected.

well mom after his strong since 3 years old in kindergarten, is particularly prone to illness, the development is influenced by the, see somebody else's child is tall, the in the mind is in a hurry, inquired about the secret recipe.finally in that autumn pick 4 years old, an old doctor of traditional chinese medicine,"winterizing chunsheng"shi, his strong body better and better!come here, to share"winterizing"three tips:

the first secret:appropriate hidden unfavorable drainage

winter regimen should comply with the nature of the rules of closed, fundamental for the folding of the yin protecting the key to notice heat preservation, avoid cold invade the body, is not equal to passive avoidance low temperature, to adapt to the climate in winter and cold weather is warmer, the cou justified from excessive open drain, in order to reduce yang in spread outward.many people interpret"winterizing"for hibernate or break, actually this is a mistake.

winterizing 8 points:

    <p>sleep sleep early:during early to keep sun be the spirit, with solid shade essence got up late.</p><p>sweating, strenuous exercise, kubla khah dripping wet, should be only slightly like sweat out.</p><p>diet:special taboos or cold food, eat less out of food.</p><p>much water:winter although reduce sweating urination, but still need nourishing moisture, not to drink boiled water instead.</p><p>spats:winter health foot fitness, namely children to bed hot, hands and feet cold feet.</p><p>god, the less criticism and more encouragement, keep the children emotional stability, and happy.</p><p>prevention:cold weather, pay attention to keep warm, warm the healthier the earlier treatment after falling ill.</p><p>ventilation:indoor air pollution in winter more serious than the outdoor, should often ventilated take a breath.</p>

well mom according to add clothing, children changes in temperature.never touch the child's hand as the judgment standard of hot or cold, because this was too much affected by the climate.but touch the back of the neck, feel warm and dry skin, make appropriate;such as wet with sweat, wear more, less clothes;if feel cold, to add clothing in time.this area was covered with clothing, children cold not cold, baby to touch the back of the neck more accurately than touch hands!

second secret:massage to care

yang spring and summer, autumn and winter yin, infantile massage is the most suitable for baby's conditioning tip.winter is a season of convergence, although the weather is cold, but need to nourish yin heat.especially with five upset hot, red tongue less moss baby yin deficiency constitution, need more nourishing yin!well the child is such a constitution, one to show more obvious, qiu dong special irritable temper also.getting very popular pixu(spleen deficient), easy to lack of qi and blood, muscle, soft, stunted growth.

well mom made four pediatric massage care technique mainly:

1, 2 horses and 3~ 5 minutes:double repair of yin and yang, wood, zi water culvert have ziyin kidney, qi, fights.hand, ring finger and little finger between sag after the palm joints.clinical go up common like children with developmental delays caused by kidney deficiency, bones and muscles atrophy, depressed, low immunity;congenital deficiency, lower urinary incontinence caused by cold, pee dripping wet;alongwith the day after tomorrow, diarrhea dehydration caused by fluid consumption, can massage 2 horses, knead knead appropriate more long.

2, kidney water 3~ 5 minutes:have ziyin kidney, zi water culvert wood, little finger abdomen from fingertips to refers to the root.

3, tonifying spleen:3~ 5 minutes with spleen tones, xiaoshi product phlegm saliva, blood, the production of massage is along with the thumb radial lateral margin from the fingertips to refer to push back and forth.

4, knead little as 3~ 5 minutes:tranquilize, located in the intersection of the baby to the size of the palm"yu ji".if mom grandma won't operation, also can have a look at my big video technique oh~

the third secret:porridge qi recuperation

winter climate is dry, children often appear dry lips dry mouth, dry nasal ganyan, stool stem node, the phenomenon such as dry skin, children in addition to the appropriate exercise, need to fill"light", refers to fill and not be bored with, to eat some appropriate spleen to transport and been used in the food.breakfast can drink all kinds of grain porridge, porridge is good for the spleen, can help the spleen and stomach yin, balance the sun be the spirit of healthy and vigorous.

well mom favorite boil fill taste porridge to drink to the child, and pay special attention to the suit since morning hot porridge, dinner should be on a diet, nourishing the stomach gas.folk is known as the day to eat"laba porridge"custom, such as the food for the phlegm radish gruel, of strengthening lung and benefiting the yam gruel, yin of the stomach is fine walnut porridge, spleen and nourishing the stomach of poria cocos jujube congee porridge, qi and nourishing yin.also like millet congee, glutinous rice, red jujube congee, rice pudding, etc.the most suitable.

millet red jujube congee:tonifying qi and blood brain, nourishing the stomach spleen nerves, especially suitable for weak, poor sleep, anemia children to eat.

red bean peanut rice porridge, have clear heat, nourishing the stomach, the effect of yangxue, contains rich protein and trace elements and b vitamins, particularly suitable for children to eat.

pay will have harvest, jingoistic mama"winterizing"three laws, allowing children to come","big brain more and more healthy, more and more clever!if you feel valuable, will share the thumb up forward, there is a better way, can leave a message in the comments section.focus on"infantile tuina palace"zhang gugang, tcm parenting is more healthy.

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