the girl was pregnant and gave birth to a baby.

is a woman, the happiest thing is to be a mother., according to the personal development of women have children also have more than ten years old just normal, at least, so from ancient to present every law of marriageable age more over 14 years of age(the young marriageable only in a few).however, one can believe that a girl who has given birth to a baby boy at the age of five has become the youngest mother in world history.

lina, medina

the young mother named lina de medina, catherine, was born in 1933 in a citizen's family of peru, surprisingly, the little girl from peru eight months namely early after the sudden, many medical experts don't know how did this happen.

:in march 1939, lina's parents found out that her body was different, and her stomach was swelling.everyone thought she had a tumor, so her parents took her to the hospital.the results of the doctor's diagnosis surprised her parents, and many were incredulated because she had been pregnant for seven months.

lina, medina

is not only her parents couldn't believe that, even from years of expert of department of gynaecology is unbelievable, and advised her parents to take her to the surgery in lima, peru, and other experts confirm that lina is pregnant.after arriving at the big hospital in the capital, the result of the diagnosis was still-lina was really pregnant.

lina, medina

a month and a half later, she was founded on may 14, 1939, by caesarean section, from narrow pelvis gives birth to a baby boy.the case from ed mans mr chris kaman physicians more detailed reports to the la presse medicale", and accompanied her menarche in 8 months old, and at age 4 breast significant development, at the age of 5 the figure present pelvis widened and early one step skeletal maturity.

lina, medina

lina's son weighed 2.7 kilograms at birth, in order to commemorate this unusual birth, her parents thought named after its birth physician-call any more.he was 40 years old when he died of bone marrow disease in 1979.

there is no evidence that she was pregnant in an abnormal condition, but she never revealed who the child's father was or in what circumstances.her experience as a baby made her a"celebrity,"but the"celebrity effect"didn't make any real difference to her 1972, lynna married and gave birth to another son.the lina family lived in a slum in lima and was very embarrassed.

lina, medina and son how much

although the case is considered by some to be a scam, but over the years many physicians have through biopsy,"womb"fetal bone x ray and care for her physician confirmed by photos.the theory is so, but the fact that she was pregnant with her son was like a thick fog that could not be explained accurately.

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