what do you do when a pregnant couple wants to do something bad?look at the wonderful responses of the expectant mothers


now small couples, is inseparable of life, will be broken by a sudden surprise, such as after be pregnant, suddenly the little husband and wife life, how to face the embarrassment of midnight is indeed a difficult problem.after having a baby, you can't do what you want, so let's take a look at some of the potential problems that these moms and dads have to consider.

@name cannot contain prohibited words:my wife is pregnant for three months, in the beginning really endure uncomfortable, but look at the wife's stomach every day, every day the attention on her stomach, then in...ok i not bottom go to, i am only single[stay innocent][and][and]

@half 媣 color body:my wife is pregnant more than four months, i met her belly are afraid of sleeping at night, i think pregnant women are sacred can't literally touch(prayer)

@peach sticks rabbit fly:husband say let me sent back every time, then the pathetic said they were doing a year of monk/yi tooth

@my house mountain wind:the child was born, has been with his fingers of your head, for you said"i always do this to you you happy?"

@three ox:i'm not unified conclusion, vary from person to person.until the child is born three days we make love every day, feel nothing, it still is in the hospital for three days, is not convenient to make love to stop the

@to:now who is charming, before the older generation, big belly is not the same fields, also gave birth to five or six.

@golden wolf 10087224:my wife is pregnant.i have inherited the fine traditions of our ancestors.hunting for a living.such a hard thing.i'm sorry to tell my wife.[laughter][laughter]

@small beautiful mother:i wouldn't dare touch my husband after pregnancy, is secretly in the toilet to solve, he said he can endure, also can't harm the child

, after all, gestation, coupled with postpartum convalescence, almost nearly a year, let husband and wife two total abstinence nor too reality, and proper sex is good.but some taboos must be noted.

1, the first three months of pregnancy, and after three months it is best not to.because the fetus has not been stable for the first three months, the fetus has been formed in the last three months, and if it is easy to make sex, it will cause premature birth.

2, you must pay attention to body position and movement when you exercise, and don't press the baby to the fetus, considering the body condition and feeling of the pregnant mother.

3, must pay attention to hygiene, during pregnancy vaginal discharge increases, the resistance is decreased, so the husband and wife should clean the vulva and maintain hygiene before the same room.

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