the fact that the son of a pregnant woman had no family to take care of the family was moved by the fact that she had only one daughter

small beautiful head, gave a big daughter, has been more than 6 years old this year, just in first grade.after the baby is pregnant, the daughter is very sensible, especially in the late period of pregnancy.every day when her daughter came back from school, she helped her with her housework.the neighbors saw that her daughter was very sensible and filial.small beauty also sees in the eye, even after birth next two children also will treat the daughter very well.

is slowly getting the due date, the baby bump is sore and the water is broken.the daughter was sensible enough to call the ambulance and send the baby to the the contractions of the palace, the little beauty is painful, but the daughter holds the little beautiful hand to say:mother, refueling.suddenly it felt powerful again.after more than four hours, xiao mei was pushed into the delivery room and soon gave birth to a 57kg male baby.

but nurses holding baby came out, but found the delivery room outside without a family, only a six-year-old girl.after a few more calls, the nurse decided that there was no family to take care of, so just hold the baby and wait for the woman to come out.was it the first time i saw something like this, or had my son not been cared for?

passed a little while, the little beauty was pushed out, saw the daughter outside the door, then saw the newborn baby, immediately left a tear.a lot of people were talking about it, the family of the delivery room, the son was not happy, there was no one coming.

then people learned the truth, the original small beautiful husband in a small beauty more than 5 months, due to an accident and died, and her husband is an only child, her mother-in-law know can't accept, after sad too easily.the little beauty was married again, and the family asked her to knock the child off.but xiao mei was reluctant to give up, so she went out of the delivery room and had no one to take care of her, only a 6-year-old daughter.the truth is so moving!

in the ward, xiao mei saw that the baby was thinking about her husband, and she burst into tears.when the daughter saw it, she said,"mom, don't cry.i'm here.i'll take care of you and your brother."

child care:all said the daughter is a little cotton jacket, sweet and warm.the daughter of little beauty is indeed such, can only say bless them.everyone has their own choice, which is weak for women and strong for mother.

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