the best treatment time for baby burns is only two minutes!what can we do?

as the november drifting away, one of the coldest moment the upcoming year, every household heating were gradually began to run, you are like air conditioner, heater, small sun, heating furnace...

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the best treatment time after a child's scald is only two minutes, what do we need to do for the children in these two minutes, mom and dad, you know?

baby burn to do

although burns is a common accident harm, but not every parent knows how to emergency treatment.once the baby is scalded, it can delay or even aggravate the injury.the following is the correct treatment method after the baby's scald.

1, the cold shower

baby after getting burned, parents can't panic, to be the first to burn area, taking a cold shower so can cool, and can shrink blood vessels, to reduce the burn in pain and injury.cold water immersion time the sooner the better the results, but they should not be below 5 ℃.if the burn is already bubbling and broken, you can't soak it in case of infection.

2, undress

when there are clothes covered by the baby's scald, parents should not be in a hurry to take off their clothes, so as not to tear the blister after the burn.after the cold water has cooled down, the parent can cut the clothes off with scissors and carefully remove the clothing so that the skin and clothes are not stuck together.

3, mask the wound

in cold water for 10-30 minutes, the parent should observe the baby's temperature before it is abnormal, then use a clean gauze or towel to cover the baby's wound and avoid infection.

4, the hospital

.if the baby's scald is serious, parents should send them to the hospital in time to avoid delay of the best treatment.

baby burn with what medicine

in the baby's growth process, water, steam and hot oil is the"murderer"cause burns, baby after scald, parents in addition to timely rinse with cold water, but must use to burn general, special external burn ointment can achieve the efficacy of detoxifying and relieving swelling and relieving the pain.however, parents should not blindly give the baby a burn medicine:

1, if the scald wound is bubbling, the vesicles can be treated with no medication.

2, blisters size of soy beans, if the surface is also relatively shallow, you can use disinfectant scissors to cut the blisters, use disinfectant cotton ball or gauze dip, apply a bit of purple grass oil or purple flower paste.

3, if the scald surface is broken, you should not use the medicine first, so as not to deepen the wound causing the infection, it is better to take the baby to the hospital immediately after the cold water rinse and to use the medicine under the guidance of the doctor.

here need to remind parents, baby after burns cannot flower oil, jin wangong, daub is safflower oil drugs such as well, because the drugs, although also has anti-inflammatory analgesic efficacy, but the side effect is bigger, if the baby's wound failure, also can cause stimulation to the skin, increase the infection of the wound.

baby burn nursing error

after the pain saw the baby was scalded, many new parents are at a loss, if don't have the necessary burn care in advance, after the occurrence of dangerous tend to go which nursing mistakes should be avoided?

> 1:after burns, no cold water is used to wash the

.some parents think that the water will be blistered after the fact, it has nothing to do with whether the blisters are exposed to cold water, but only because of the cause and depth of the burn.immediately after the burn, wash the wound with cold water for a period of time, it can cause the wound blood vessel to contract, the tissue fluid exudes less, and reduce the water bubble formation.

:the toothpaste is treated with toothpaste to treat burns

.the toothpaste itself has no anti-infection effect and is often carried with a certain amount of bacteria.the friction in toothpaste is an irritant to the addition, the foaming agent and flavoring agent in toothpaste not only have no treatment effect on the wound, but also cause the granulation hyperplasia and the wound infection.

myth 3:using acid and alkali neutralization method to alleviate

.because of the amount of heat released from the acid and base, it can cause heat burn and aggravate the baby's injury.

myth#4:purple and red potion

in addition, the red potion contains mercury, used in the burn wound, easy to cause allergy;if large area application, still can cause mercury poisoning.

but there's no scientific evidence for that!fish, shrimp, meat contain high protein, leek, cilantro contain a variety of vitamins, they have great help to the baby's burn wound healing.

baby burns can leave scar?

baby scalded carelessly, the most concern of the parents is the wound is a scar, baby is actually a scar depends on the degree of general, scalding can be divided into three levels:

:only the surface of the skin can be damaged, the local mild redness, no blisters and pain are obvious.

2 degree scalding:dermal injury, local redness and pain, with different sizes of blisters.

:three degrees of scalding:the skin is broken and black, it is necrotic, even falling off.

, for one time scalds and second-degree scalds do not leave scars, but three burns will leave scars.of course, the baby with scar constitution is also more vulnerable to scar than the baby with less scar.parents should follow the doctor's advice, after baby burn in wound healing born baby before it is strictly prohibited contact with cold water, and give the baby with ointment, scar, etc to prevent pigmentation and scar formation, in addition, avoid the baby was strongly long sunlight, avoid eating spicy greasy food is parents should pay attention to.

how to prevent the baby burn

in daily life, many parents are easy to overlook the situation could become a baby burn or scald"minefield", just keep an eye, more parents are properly as soon as possible, baby to avoid accidents.the following kinds of babies are most likely to be burned, scald, parents can remember!

1, play fireworks

new year approaching, many families will buy fireworks festival, but have parents to pay attention to the"baby bear", as far as possible to choose the safety of fireworks, don't let the baby alone fireworks, also don't come forward to play immediately after the fireworks set off.

2, heating with a hot water bag

/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p/pbe sure to tighten the cover of the hot water bottle and change the water regularly.

3, bath/>

.in addition, should be transferred to the water heater temperature below 50 ℃, if the water temperature is easy to burn the baby during 65-70 ℃.

4, playing in the kitchen

the kitchen is the baby unexpected high-risk places, if the parent is cooking in the kitchen, should be prohibited from baby to play in the kitchen, at the same time, the kitchen floor should keep dry, avoid to put hot water bottle on the ground, at ordinary times is the kitchen door locked.

5, eating high-temperature food

.if the baby is eating at the table, the parents should avoid the baby tearing the tablecloth to avoid the hot food on the table.if parents are feeding young babies, be careful to avoid the baby's food.




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