neighborhood!birth hour has already decided your face!


displayed!birth hour has already decided your face!

1, hour of birth for choushi(1:00 to 3:00), have(7 to 9), at the seventh hour(13:00 and 15:00), qushi(19:00 to 21:00) ugly, chen, and not, as the soil, the four hour was born to the waist width round nose, eyebrow be a man of honor, loyal to filial piety, measure leniency.the type that belongs to the word must be done.the flaw is introverted and quiet, and sometimes rigid.

2, the birth time is the time of birth(3:00 to 5:00), and the time of the day(5:00 to 7:00) is the first day of sunrise, which is full of vitality.the men and women who were born at this time were rich and graceful, with slender bones and delicate limbs, especially beautiful hair which everyone admired.and there is a love of compassion, plain and undisguised.defect, sometimes the personality is narrow, jealousy heart weight.

3, hour of birth for sishi at midnight(9 to 11),(11 to 13:00) have lunch is a fire, should be the day when the noon.sishi and noon born head and feet long, heavy eyebrows small ears.born with fire, so hasty, simple and patient, but humble and deferential.defects are the tail of a thing.

4, hour of birth for shenshi)(15:00 to 17:00, youshi(17:00 to at 19:00) shenshi and xishan youshi is on duty, belongs to the this time the human flesh of the birth is proportionate, the face is white and the eyebrows are high and deep.the man is resolute and resolute, sexual just, knows the shame.but demand knows that the first is foolhardy.

5, hour of birth for haishi(pits to 23:00), son(23:00 to 1:00), hai for water, night dew is heavy, it is the water of the hour.the man who was born in this hour, with his black face, and the light of his eyes, will be wise and resourceful.his mannerisms and mannerisms are mild and thoughtful.defects are temperamental and repetitive./p>

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