there are more people than you think

what's the last time you and your husband snapped it?

if it takes more than ten seconds to come up with the answer, i'm afraid you'll have to consider whether you've entered a"sexless marriage".

what is an asexual marriage?the widely accepted definition is that there are fewer than ten sex marriages in one year.equally, one month only once, there is the suspicion of asexual marriage.

to this end, we did a survey of private, please talk about feeling, talk about sex.

survey shows that most families have a watershed in the frequency of their sex life before and after birth.if marriage is the tomb of love, perhaps the baby is the tomb of sex.

:is there a shadow in these asexual marriages?without sex, can there be love?you are welcome to join us in the discussion.

1, i am the legendary tongqi


to marry a rich yan's husband, do a no pressure to make money cafe, free and easy to travel around the world, often by foreigners as jingle is life a winner in this respect.her family, however, was like a beautiful bubble bursting at the same time, because her husband was gay.

yes, she is a legendary with his wife.

ding dang had a failed relationship, and the man who was tricked into playing with a woman's feelings was very this time, she had a gay friend who was being pushed by his family to get married.the two people suddenly opened the imagination, half joke half earnest say:"not so we get married to make together do together!"jingle go back to think:it's better to have a good condition than everyone else.marry him, both of us are free and a win-win, then get married!

"is like having a close roommate, less jealous, jealous, quarreling, and we're having a good time."after more than a year of marriage, ding dang is satisfied with the present state of life, except for the lack of sex, other than her expectations of marriage."he's looking for his boyfriend, and i'm looking for my fresh meat, and many old wives don't have sex.we're just getting it ahead of time."the couple would go to see a movie every now and then, about to travel, just like, two men prepare artificial insemination to have a baby.

:as to whether the bubble will burst, it doesn't take a long time."live the present!she said.

2, no sex, but we are more in love with

frequency:1-3 times/year

.ten years ago, two people were such a small couple, a chance to take a crack;ten years later, they become partners, relatives and lovers, and even if they have little sex, they still live well.

and my husband's record of clapping, i used to be a friend of my best recall, the chinese fir sighed:just like the last life.

"but that doesn't stop us from falling in love,"said fir."we kiss and hug and still feel the love of each is a big project and exhausting."

shanshan has a three-year-old daughter, to go to bed if you want to again, time is special.coaxed the baby immediately to the same room, after the end to sleep."work early the next day and hurry up!"

is also an anxiety and struggle.she read a report about the decrease in the sex life between couples, which is a sign of gradual and gradual decline, resulting in, she and husband agreed to the frequency of the same room, twice a week, for the sexual nature, the result of two people are very tired.the husband is careful to discuss, otherwise we will let nature go.fir tree is secretly pleased, is close to my meaning!

is less stressful than the frequency of sex, and two people are much more relaxed.occasionally, the wechat has a little yellow picture, and the two guys usually make jokes about the meat.

, for 4 years, fir has found that there is more to be concerned about in marriage, and sex only accounts for a small proportion.the communication of parenting philosophy and the mutual support of the entrepreneurial period make the husband and wife inseparable.

now, although less sex, but shanshan never worry the husband will cheat."the only thing you know about your marital status is that men work under a lot of pressure and they're not all stallions."

3, don't you want to do it, or do you want to do it?

frequency:0-1 time/month

, b3 b3 and hubby high school are together, passing the agony of foreign love, it's not easy to go to the present in 13 years.she recalls that when he came back, we dated for ever--opening the house.she didn't expect to become sexually cold.

"may be the catalysis of a long-distance relationship before, when he comes home and we live together, there are fewer and fewer times."a few years ago, xiaomei had children, she slept with the children, the husband slept in the room.over time, they became separated.

the husband out of shape, from fresh meat became a potbelly, she advised him to do more than once a management, the husband always ge you lying in front of the television, the absent-minded promise, no change.with a pool of fat meat, sex can't really be mentioned.last month, she was on a business trip.she met an airplane teacher and had a perfect body.she was so beautiful in her uniform that she had the feeling of a long-lost heartbeat.she realized that she was not sexually cold, but rather indifferent to her husband.

/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p bbb/p/p bbb/p/p bb"she told me a box of three, and they had not finished three years.she is tired and reasonable, but i know her husband often comes back home to booty call."

:"no sex is not scary, but you have to figure out whether he doesn't want to do it or doesn't want to do it with you."a lot of people have a disease, the marriage is all good, there is no requirement for become a big man, the shape of the body, the fart is loud, how can i eat?

today, asexual marriage is not a special case of a family, but a social phenomenon.the problem, which was supposed to be about 40 or 50 years old, is common in couples in their may be a combination of social stress, fast pace of life and too much temptation outside of marriage.

, we talked about the real cases of close friends with women.what about the sexless marriage?on zhihu saw a long post, is a man tells his wife refused to have sex from oppression and despair, because of the long-term sex, he works on fitness,,, the good figure and career success, however, marriage have no solution.

:this story is a little unintelligible to the end.

maybe, asexual is not necessarily a marriage tragedy, someone is struggling, and someone is better off.maybe it's what xiaomei says, and you need to know more about being in an asexual marriage than trying to get caught up in the frequency of the clacking, and that they don't want to do it or want to do it with you.