one of the most common mistakes made by milk powder is that the first % of the mother is wrong!

is one of the must-have skills for parents, but many new parents don't know the right way to make milk powder, which can lead to the loss of nutritional value of milk powder.

wu zun bubble milk powder in the father where to show the shake of the mistake, come and look at this a few of the most common mistake, did you make?

error 1, add water after adding milk this way, the actual amount of water will be small, and the milk will be too strong for the baby to digest.on the other hand, it cannot ensure that the milk powder is dissolved uniformly and easily.

the correct order:according to milk powder cans on mixing ratio(e.g., 180 ml/6 spoon), the water in the bottle first add warm water(180 ml), quantitative measuring after 6 tablespoons of milk powder added to bottles.

error 2, milk powder unquantified.the baby's digestive system is still in development stage, too much food, can cause indigestion, and can cause a burden to the kidneys.

the right approach:according to the number of milk powder cans on the spoon, shall mean flat scoop of milk powder, to ensure the accuracy of mixing concentration, not casual with a spoon or half spoon, avoid liquid cream is too thick or too thin.

error 3, milk powder with pure water or mineral water.pure water removes a variety of constant elements and most of the trace elements, and long-term consumption can lead to insufficient nutrient intake;but mineral water is the opposite, whether adult or young child, long-term drinking may cause a certain element in the body to absorb too much.

the correct approach:the powder had better choose boiled tap water after cooling.the mother was worried that the tap water would have chloride residues, and that the chlorine would actually boil for three minutes.

error 4, mixed boiling water with cold water to wash milk water mixed with boiling water is yin yang water.there are many bacteria in the water, not to mention children, even adults who drink it.

the right approach:when the powder to prepare hot water and cold boiled water, mix to appropriate temperature 40 degrees(mostly) after add milk powder;

error 5, force the milk bottle to dissolve.the common mistake is to shake hands with a bottle or use chopsticks to stir, which eventually makes the milk produce a lot of bubbles and the baby will have a lot of hiccups after drinking.

the right approach:mothers depends on wrist strength, the upper hand in the bottle, shake bottle along the same direction, make it rotate in the horizontal plane.

error 6, using the warm milk, milk powder soaked for a long while still drinking.normally more than two hours, can breed bacteria, unfavorable continue to drink.

the right approach:bubble good liquid cream constant temperature for best don't more than two hours;if they are placed refrigerator liquid cream, remove the heating to 40 ° c, don't boil heat causes the loss of nutrition.

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