the birth of a child in the schoolyard of a female student: eating forbidden fruit is more worrying than sexual assault

the education of the child is to be scratched from the source, starting when the parent is still working.

after the incident caused quite a stir in society.scold the student not to be ashamed, sigh the parents have no bead, the irony teacher just the score.the most exciting of all was the school, which immediately held an adolescent lecture and a physical examination of all the girls.

this is not the case, in recent years between the primary and middle school students to steal to eat the forbidden fruit have been disclosed:

reports from the court:

on july 21, tongcheng city people's court accepted the peculiar folk lending disputes was studying in a middle school in tongcheng, and in a love affair with tang in another school, he was given a compensation for tang, and wrote down 10,000 yuan.tang asked for the failure, and then appealed to the court on june 2, 2016.after mediation, li and his parents gave 6800 yuan to tang.

to rent the owner's disclosure:

the zhanjiang daily reported, a village in guangdong house chen hong kong rental housing source said, since the beginning of the summer vacation to come to her house most of them are middle school students.there are high school students and junior high school students.this tenant is surrounded by neighbors who are both male and female.they usually don't live, two or three times a week.

at present, they have a monthly flow of 500 people, including 10 to 20 students aged around 16, who will double the number of students during the winter and summer holidays.

these early involved in sexual life of girl, has the following characteristics:

age.undeveloped, premature sex and abortion, which can lead to viral infection and infertility;

for protection.according to a gynecologist, she has heard more than one girl complain that she has been in sexual contact for several years and why is she still not pregnant?some girls use abortion as a way to be loved and faithful to their boyfriends.

is nothing to do with pregnancy, not to be in awe of the toilet, in the dormitory, the newborn baby will be thrown to the dustbin, or downstairs to die.

does not understand fast stop loss after accidental pregnancy.allow the fetus to grow and grow until it is born and killed.

/p>/p>/p>/p bbb/p/p>/p>/p bbb/p/p>/p bbb/p bbb/p bbb/p>/p bbb/pwe should strive for good times, and waste in ignorance and ignorance.

school is responsible, parents are more a relatively private love and sex education, self-discipline is more important than the other.

, but our parents ignored it.

> some people find it too embarrassing to talk about sex, and they have the suspicion of giving up their books.other parents have homework, grades and rankings.absent from the home, under the supervision of the school, under the external environment, sex activities in the children's life.

all say that sexual assault is a tiger, but actually stealing the forbidden fruit is more fierce than the tiger.

sexual assault after all belong to the external force, as long as the fence in the pad, the dragons is not so easy.

is a voluntary child, and before and after puberty, the children are curious, fresh, and developed into a sexual impulse.a city without a line of defense is easy to conquer, and no idea is easy to follow.without basic common sense, you can make your feet go to the abyss and can't stop.

for children's sex education, to get from the source, starting when the parent is still working.

are as follows:

a:the child asked"how did i come, tell him, you are the result of mom and dad love each and dad worked, got married, slept in a room and had a a young mind,"work", the premise of"married"instills the child's mind and forms the subconscious of the behavior.

recommendation 2:after the age of 3, tell children about the concept and area of privacy, teach them to say no, and tell the parents about people and things that do not respect them.

suggested three:the elementary school higher grades, teach children how to get along with the opposite sex, especially for companion to go to school, to students writing assignments, and to an activity, how close do not break boundaries, not offend, detailed description to the child, the best drilling through games.

recommendation 4, junior high school begins to plan for possible love behavior.children of education cherish the first love and is not a laissez-faire instinct, it hurts others and it is not worth it.

recommendation 5:sit down in high school and talk openly about your child's romantic and sexual issues.understanding, caring, and meaning is the child's greatest thirst for parents at this guide them to the communication, the appearance of a timely stop loss, do not develop to the point of unpacking.

/p> wears the crown to bear the weight of the crown.if you want to get a good child, you must always pay attention to your plan.don't wait for your child to get into trouble.let the school, the police and the hospital inform us.

-then it's not just the media exposure, it's been pulled off a spoonful of the stew, it's so simple.

, read"how to talk about parent-child communication", and focus on the wechat public number of the same name, to discuss the quality of the parent-child communication!