an emergency c-section by a female artist is a symptom of fetal hemolysis

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artist patty in facebook post, refers to the production inspection found when the fetus has a different shape, so early caesarean section second births, and immediately sent to the national taiwan university hospital neonatal intensive care unit treatment, doctors judge may have newborns hemolytic disease lead to anemia and other symptoms, safely out of the hospital in hospital more than 10 days.

artist patty in facebook post, said the baby found when proportion of, the heart of the lungs and abdominal swelling condition there is oppression, early caesarean section, after a child is born into big neonatal intensive care unit, and is now safe discharge.

the doctor said the baby has a big heart or transthoracic echocardiography symptoms such as edema, with may be caused by different blood antibody"newborns hemolytic disease", or because of abnormal function of the placenta, fetal blood flow to the mother, in the cause of"fetal blood transfusion syndrome"the mother during pregnancy.both can cause anaemia and severe jaundice in newborns, and remind expectant mothers to produce regular check-ups and watch for fetal movement.

newborns hemolytic disease common in mother and fetal blood out

newborns hemolytic disease is not uncommon in clinic, the occurrence probability of about 5% to 10%, usually happens as long as proper care can restore, rarely life-threatening.

neonatal hemolysis, more of the disease caused by blood antibodies.according to the changhua hospital, there are two types of neonatal hemolysis, which are divided into two systems:rh and abo.rh hemolysis occurs in cases where the mother is rh negative and the father is rh positive.however, in taiwan, the rh negative is only 0.3 percent of the total population, which is far less than that in europe, so the chance of an rh is not high.

, compared with"abo neonatal hemolysis"is more common in taiwan.linkou chang gung memorial hospital, said shi-ming zhu, director of the children's internal medicine department of abo newborns hemolytic disease tend to occur in the mother blood type is o type, but dad for type a, b or ab blood type, lead to fetal blood type may have to type a or type b.during pregnancy, an anti-a or anti-b antibody is produced in the mother's body, through blood transport to the fetus, damaging the fetal red blood cells, resulting in the birth of a newborn hemolysis."but blood types do not necessarily have hemolysis,"warns zhu.

, except for the hemolysis caused by blood group antibody, if the mother has autoimmune disease, or the baby has fava bean disease also can produce hemolysis disease risk.

hemolysis disease cause jaundice, light therapy can be restored to health

pediatric oncology blood taipei medical university hospital doctor said liu yanlin, neonatal hemolysis disease can lead to fetal have varying degrees of jaundice, if too many of the jaundice, can lead to neurological complications, so as long as the baby have jaundice phenomenon will light, with jaundice of blue purple light decomposition excess.

:the source of jaundice is bilirubin after metabolism of haemoglobin, and when the newborn has jaundice, the doctor is going to determine the cause of long as the proper treatment, such as accelerated by light acceleration, can reduce jaundice and restore health.

:another symptom of neonatal hemolysis is anemia.hemolysis of red blood cells are destroyed, neonatal anemia status, it is necessary to check the cardiopulmonary function, if there is a concurrent symptoms such as asthma, breathing hard, be careful, heart failure needs a blood transfusion and subsequent processing.

although neonatal hemolysis disease occurred for unknown reasons, unable to reduce risk through specific tests or prevention, but remind changhua hospital, check if a pregnant woman a/b antibody resistance value high, must pay attention to the status of the pregnant women, in case happen baby hemolysis disease.

prenatal fetal hemolysis, fear is fetal blood transfusion syndrome

in addition to the newborns hemolytic disease, when the fetus in the womb may also occur hemolysis symptom, known as"fetal mother blood transfusion syndrome", is more difficult, and difficult to handle, easy to form a stillbirth.however, lin sihong, head of the obstetrics and gynaecology center for obstetrics and gynaecology, said that fetal maternal blood transfusion syndrome is not common, with a chance of only one in 10,000.

liu yanlin, said mother fetal blood transfusion syndrome is a kind of abnormal function of the placenta, fetal blood flow to the mother, cause fetal anemia, causing heart and lung function is not complete, such as heart failure addition to ultrasonography, the fetus has a large heart and edema, and the mother will feel the fetal movement decrease and the active power this time, the mother's blood test can be used to check whether there is a fetal maternal transfusion syndrome.

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shi-ming zhu said the baby mother blood transfusion syndrome occurred in 32 weeks, for unknown reasons, also can't prevent, can usually through image diagnosis, the fetus edema or abnormal patterns, etc., because of the high fatality rate, if the fetus is close to full term, the doctor suggested to production early.if the fetus loses too much blood, it can cause brain damage, which can be assessed by the epg neonatal score, or mri to identify brain damage.

newborns hemolytic disease, fetal mother blood transfusion syndrome, both diseases are associated with red blood cells, shi-ming zhu reminder, pregnant women, to regular prenatal, wary quickened once imaging diagnosis such as edema, irregular heartbeat is likely to produce early.

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