the child showed signs of the worm in the stomach!parents must not be careless!

"you eat a pagoda sugar, and the worm is excreted."believe that many parents will be able to use their hands to pull the worm out of their farts when they are young.

now only a child is no longer eat pagoda sugar, and worms have broken out in vitro.the worm is a parasitic nematode, especially a small child, because the body is weak, so it is easy to get roundworm in the stomach.

:the worm in the belly has an effect on the growth and development of children.

, how to determine if the baby has a worm?

2, stomach

children often have no symptoms of stomach, especially in periumbilical area for multiple, often for paroxysmal umbilical week or slightly above parts ache can break out repeatedly, but the last time.kneading the baby will relieve some of the baby's pain.

3, white patches

in the baby's face, neck skin very pale white approximate circular or elliptic spot piece, with small gray scales, this is the typical worm spot!

4, sleep easy to grind their teeth, mouth water

sleep easy to wake up at night, when molar, drooling phenomenon shows that the baby has a worm in the body.

5, not easy to be fat

6, diet irregular

if you exclude other factors, a partial eclipse baby and eat some strange things like clay, paper, cloth, addition, the baby appears to eat more and hungry, likes to eat snacks, eat more also total fat not to rise the phenomenon, also can decide the baby belly has the worm.

how to prevent the worm?

1, train baby to form the good habit of hygiene, do not eat raw not wash fruits and vegetables, don't drink water, to wash your hands before meals and logistics, not defecate indiscriminately, parents for the baby to take a thorough washing clothes and sheets.

2, the baby's fingernails are easy to hide from the eggs.parents should always trim their baby's nails, and education they do not bite their nails or suck their fingers to avoid infection.

3, kill flies, cockroaches, etc., do not allow babies to eat food that they have climbed.these insects carry the eggs, bacteria and other eggs into the food surface to spread the digestive tract disease.

4, positive discovery, treatment of ascariasis, control of infection source.especially in the public area, can take collective take insect repellent to carry on general treatment, prevent the baby to infect each addition, the recurrence rate of ascariasis is extremely high, and parents should prevent repeated infection.

the worm is one of the most common parasitic diseases, easy to affect a child's appetite and intestinal digestion and absorption function, and can also affect the child's growth and development.therefore, it is necessary for parents to understand the symptoms of the worm in the baby, so that early treatment can be detected.

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