a pregnant woman with a second child kneels down to beg her mother to give birth to a pregnant woman and then she cries

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, a number of 70,80 people joined in, many families of only children were planning to have a second child.but for a second child, especially some older women, think carefully.

] ms.wang is 44 years old this year and has a son who has just gone to college.originally life is still quite calm, suddenly one day, saw old classmate hold a female baby, ask only to know originally is born two children.then the idea of the second child was germinated, and when they came home to discuss with the husband, the husband hesitated.

wang she secretly prepared conceived up that you will be in after more than three months pregnant with the smooth.when the husband saw that he agreed, ms.wang had to have a baby in her home, and in the first three months of her pregnancy, ms.wang went to the hospital to have a pregnancy test.the doctor told her that the twins were twins, and mrs.wang and her husband were happy.

made a phone call to his son, but he didn't think the son was going to object.i also went straight to the home, and tried to persuade ms.wang that she would graduate in a few years, and i might be able to give you a grandchild soon.and who would teach the two children after they were born?finally, the son knelt down, but mrs.wang thought that the twins were not willing to give up.

wang to 5 months, my stomach is much faster.and now and then there was a little dizziness, a headache, a little breathless.finally, i went to the hospital for a pregnancy test.the doctor said that wang had a pregnancy hypertension, diabetes, and so on.it would be better to have one, or the twins would have too much load on mrs.wang.but mrs.wang was not willing to give up, thinking that she would have more rest.

slowly got more than six months, wang up after go to the toilet when suddenly fainted.after a while, the husband just found out, but ms.wang has already seen red.after he rushed to the hospital, the doctor discovered that wang had a placenta and had bleeding in the uterus.the caesarean section was needed immediately, and after more than two hours, the two babies were born, but after the rescue, they still did not come back to life.then wang's uterus was bleeding and she had to have a hysterectomy.

> finally, the husband notified the son, and the son knew that he was crying and said,"how old is hu?"the husband looked at the tearful ms.wang, also began to cry.i knew i was going to stand up against it, so i wouldn't have found it.

:this old woman must be more aware that she is a high-risk pregnant woman and is a twin, which is even more dangerous.be sure to listen to your doctor's advice.