i was scared to change my mind by the fact that i was going to have a vasectomy

one day afternoon, just to coax the treasure to sleep, is preparing to rest for a while, the doorbell rang, and through the cat's eye see clearly of sharing a village mother stood at the door outside, the in the mind a surprised, when mom with 2 treasure, this several days all the student, what can i do for you at this time come to my house?

opened the door, but my mother apologized to me first, saying that i should not bother me at noon, and then i went straight to the theme."have you had the second, done the ligation?"

/p> suddenly asked me this question, i was instinctively shocked, i don't know what to answer.

when mama also feel some brusque, then explained:"i have an appointment the day after tomorrow a cesarean section, this two days the husband has been advised me to do a ligation, by the way, my heart is not comfortable, is what this guy is not tied to a woman?"

i understand mother's mood, obviously i have also considered before two treasure ligation, anyway also don't want to have children later, ligation to a lifetime of contraception, later won't because of the big aunt to cower late days.

, but the idea is that this body must be damaged by human beings.also, the thought of the ligation operation, the heart is strange, as if the things that oneself treasure long time has been destroyed, not strength!

when i asked the husband, he is answer very simply,"as long as it does not hurt the body to do ligation is quite good."looking at his face, i was angry.he said,"why don't men tie up?men become more simple!"

husband, the face is sullen immediately,"i don't do, in case..."the second half of the story, though i didn't say it, i would guess it would be ten to one,"doesn't it seem to you?why do women do it?"

"well, you don't want to do it if you don't want to do it.i just thought it was a c-section anyway.the husband saw me angry, busy explain.

may in men's view, women do cesarean section surgery by the way do ligation is no big deal, it is a matter of a knife?but where they know that a woman's heart is not so easy to pass.

so, i struggle, i specifically checked some information on the internet, some said almost no harm to the body, some say have harm to the body, i also do ligation around to know that most people tell me what i didn't feel particularly uncomfortable.

checked a circle of information, consulted a bunch of people, and finally failed to make up the mind.then i just don't want to do it, and when i do, ask the doctor to make a decision.

before the surgery, the doctor will let you fill in a lot of list, because it is a secondary cesarean delivery, most doctors will ask:do you want to do ligation.at that time, i hesitate to say"do?"

doctor immediately gave me a list of some of the books on the ligation operation, a full page, where i had the energy to look at it carefully.

the doctor is very seriously said to me,"do ligation is likely to be premature cause menstruation to be not moved, amenorrhea, premature aging and so on, these are unpredictable, but the possibility, you have to know, and i want to tell you now, 90% of people don't do ligation."

:after listening to the doctor, my husband and i almost said,"don't do it!"

i think a ligation it cannot fully listen to the husband, because they have the selfishness!let's make up our minds, and i'll share with you what i've learned about the ligation surgery that i hope will give the sisters some reference.

:what is the female ligation

female ligation refers to the ligation of the tubal ligation, which is to remove and ligate a certain part of the fallopian tube, so that the sperm and egg cannot meet, to achieve contraceptive purpose.

it is worth mentioning that not all people are fit for the ligation operation, it is better to consult the doctor before doing so, if the condition of the body is not allowed, don't risk it.

do the benefits of ligation

the largest benefits to do ligation is basically realized the lifelong contraception, why say it's basically?because there are women who still get pregnant after they're done with the tie, but that's a very low probability.women are less likely to worry about unwanted pregnancies when they have done their job and have sex.

:the biggest drawback of the ligation operation is the damage to the body, as the doctor said to me, which really scared me.

, especially when you hear the word"premature failure", i immediately think of the withered hair, the face is bloodless, the face is wrinkled, the back is cold.

no matter the doctor said that the chances, i think it not easy pregnancy physical or discreet choice for good!

, in addition, if you want to have a baby again, the repair is troublesome.

in my opinion, the woman you would do well to cherish yourself, don't easily upon their knives, if you worry about the trouble of pregnancy, let your husband think about ways to bai, naturally know what to do if he loves you.


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