the zhengzhou old boy shopping cart fell down the next day and found that he had not breathed in the quilt

, the old saying goes, kids are big.

fell from the chair, fell from the bed, and even fell from the arms of an adult.

:some people think that when a child falls, someone will be scared to death.what happens when the child falls?which situations require attention?look at this article, the doctor gave us a job.

henan business chief reporter zonglei reporter ng to wang miao miao

2 years old boy crying from the shopping cart on the head a few times as usual to play

the next day dead in bed

<br/>zhang liping, a nurse in the emergency medical center of the third people's hospital in henan province, has been working for more than 20 years.


:in mid-april, zhang liping visited the clinic.

is a boy aged 11 months."when the child is at his home near ruhe road, the child is no longer in the middle of it."

from the child's parents after another cry, zhang liping understands, just the day before, the child from the shopping cart, head on the ground, then just cry a few times to play as usual, the next day, the parents found the child was dead after get up in the bed.

, another 2 year old friend, impressed zhang liping."when i saw my baby, i was in a deep coma."

:the child was 2 years old at a restaurant, not noticing that he fell off his chair, or his butt landed on the ground, and then the head.

:"the parents of the child were also confused, and the child did not cry and did not make a fuss.he picked up the meal and play as usual, and the next day the parents found that the child was not awake."zhang liping said that, eventually, the skull ct showed hematoma under subdural hematoma, cerebral hernia was formed, and there was a risk of life at any time.craniotomy was performed immediately, and fortunately, the child turned the corner.

children suffered trauma, may occur late intracranial hemorrhage()

mother turned around and take diapers, only eight months old, tao tao(not his real name) suddenly fell to the ground from the bed, cause head concave fractures.two hours of"sag"surgery, the child was freed from the threat of death.this is a case of henan shangbao reporter from zhengzhou university affiliated zhengzhou central hospital.

similarly, children's hospital of henan province(zhengzhou) had exploded a 1 year old boy, fall from the bed, do not have what matter at that time, a few days later, the child suddenly coma, never revive again.

, every year, zhang liping has to see a number of cases of children falling from high places, and this situation is repeated at various major hospitals in zhengzhou.

.after trauma zhang liping said, because of the children, there may be no intracranial hemorrhage at the time, so children appear normal, but may be late intracranial hemorrhage, more late intracranial hemorrhage occurred in 72 hours after injury.remind:

children fall, don't immediately start to embrace the child

"some parents think of infants and young children bones very soft, even falls to the ground, also won't do much damage, in fact, this idea is wrong."zhengzhou central hospital affiliated to zhengzhou university of doctor of vice director of neurosurgery ward a admitted zhang hui, baby light skin abrasions, soft tissue injuries, etc., may occur if the hands, feet, and the joints or head first, also can cause fracture, facial injury, serious even can cause traumatic brain injury, not only affect brain development, but also prone to intracranial hemorrhage and induce seizures.

(pbbb) zhang hui reminds the parents not to pick up the child immediately, must wait 10 seconds.check to see if the child has active bleeding.if there is, press to stop the bleeding and take it to the hospital.if not, encourage your child to exercise and see if there is any movement disorder.if one side of the limb does not move or the movement decreases, should pay attention to protect, in order to avoid to embrace the child aggravate the damage.



at this point, observe the child's nervous system to have abnormal performance, such as lethargy, screaming, abnormal motion, etc.if appear or doubt appear, should send hospital examination.if the mind is clear and the behavior is normal, after 24 hours, there is still no abnormal manifestation, basically eliminate the nervous system injury.

in addition, see children on parts of the body to have a hematoma, even if you have, can use cold towel cold, in order to reduce the bleeding, if three days later, and congested, with a hot towel hot compress.

parents found the child after head injury, should do

third affiliated hospital of zhengzhou university neurosurgery xiang-hui wang said that children's nature and active, carelessly, easy to fall down and hurt his head, parents often worry zone children come to the hospital.children with head falls are more prone to headaches, vomiting, convulsions and coma than adults.the change of the child's condition is more subtle than the adult's, not easy to detect, easily delay disease diagnosis and treatment;at the same time, the child's condition deteriorates faster than the adult, sometimes the child continues to cry after the injury, but it does not take long for a coma, convulsions, etc.

he suggested, the parents found the child after head injury, should do it:

1, the simple understanding

main understand how children fall, what is the position of the head and body other location have wounded, injured have no headache, vomiting, convulsions, coma, bleeding and other anomalies.

2, rushed to the hospital check

then rushed to the nearby children's hospital for inspection, when it is necessary to do intracranial hemorrhage in the head ct examination to further understand the abnormal situation, for a child with severe symptoms suggest hospitalization and observation patient's condition closely.

3, head fall, fracture?

:the child vomited after a fall in the head, and even injected vomiting, which is generally due to the increase in intracranial pressure or the influence of the vomiting center in the fourth ventricle.therefore, children who have vomited should come to the hospital immediately.the head ct examination should be used to remove intracranial hemorrhage and skull fracture, and should be hospitalized when necessary.

if the children head ct examination found a skull fracture, some children suffering from the skull fracture prone to intracranial hemorrhage within one week after the injury situation(epidural blood out, subdural hemorrhage, etc.), it can bring life to children, suggested that children with skull fracture after an injury, such as no other symptoms, should also pay attention to rest, avoid strenuous activity, the review in accordance with the doctor's advice.

some children have a tear in their face after the trauma, and a deep cut will leave a deep or shallow scar.if the wound is contaminated, infected, bleeding, and split, the child will be scarred, not fit in stitching, and the thicker sutures will leave more scars.

after some head hurt children often appear under the scalp hemorrhage, appear to scalp uplift, has a"bag", for scalp hematoma, should immediately after the injury ice or cold compresses and help stop the bleeding and limit the edema, the acute phase after a restart local hot compress or physical therapy treatment, promoting hematoma absorption to dissipate.for large volume, slow absorption or hematoma at the forehead, can give the hematoma puncture suction, should be admitted to the hospital to check blood coagulation function in children with normal to suction hematoma, and compression bandage to prevent bleeding again.

(from henan business daily editor zhang shu hui to edit gao yuyan)


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