the most common mistake you can make is to stop

mother circles hear, see, parenting book online search, different places with different versions of assist food add information, parents to sort out the mistakes more easily confused, help you to correct for the baby to add side dish.

error 1:assist food must quantitative eat every day.

is the solution:don't worry about the amount of supplementary food, it is important to try more.

is a new baby with 1~ 2 times a day, but it is still in the adaptive phase, so don't worry about quantity.after adding three supplementary meals a day, you can also see the amount of supplementary food.for the baby to be able to eat like an adult, now let him try all kinds of different ingredients, but there is no need to force the baby to eat.

error 2:homemade rice paste is more nutritious and healthier.

:the formula is more suitable for baby.

6 months of the baby in the matrix storage of iron has been consumed, the milk is poor iron food, can not meet the baby's demand for iron at this time.therefore, the baby of this period needs to supplement the iron from the supplementary food, the homemade rice paste, does not have this characteristic, the city sells the recipe rice flour, then has the iron rice flour for the baby at this stage.

mistake 3:rich nutrition in the broth, boiled meat no nutrition.

is the solution:cooked broth is not nutritious and should be eaten by the baby.

the protein intake to drink a bowl of soup and a small piece of meat, because in the process of stewed meat, which is a small amount of amino acids, dissolve in the soup, the soup with fresh fragrance, but more is in the meat soup purine and fat, many parents believe that looked as white as possible, but this white fat is the formation of small addition, some mother think that higher calcium content in bone soup, this is wrong, which uses pressure cooker stew, calcium content in bone soup and only 4 milligrams per 100 milliliters, by comparison, we drink plain boiled water, have 2 mg of calcium per 100 ml.

myth#4:when you eat something for the first time, your baby is allergic to food if it turns red around the mouth.

is the solution:in fact, there is no way to immediately determine whether it is allergic or not.

> some ingredients are exposed to the skin, which may cause the skin to become red, which may result from the irritation of the skin with protease and organic acids, but it is not necessarily food allergy.for food allergies that are very obvious and have severe symptoms, it can be quickly determined that chronic late-onset food allergies are difficult to, if you're not sure, listen to your doctor.

error 5:assist food should first add egg yolks, can give the baby to iron.

:the yolk cannot be used as the first addition to the baby because the yolk cannot be filled.

, the iron content in the yolk is very low, about 3% of the total amount, and the absorption rate is very low, so it can't be the first choice for baby iron.high iron content and high absorption rate of food, animal blood products, animal liver, beef and so addition, because the baby is just beginning to add supplementary food, the amount of meat is less, so the formula is also a better choice.

is the solution:adding various ingredients to the baby at the beginning of the supplementary feed can both reduce the risk of allergy and help the baby taste.

although recommendations for baby food types to be rich, so that the baby to eat more nutrients, but began to add consisting of baby, should start from a single side dish to add, help mother baby judge whether there is a reaction of this food, also can let the baby to taste the flavor of each type of food, on the formation of a baby's taste is very important.

error 7:add the later consisting of allergy, the smaller the baby allergies.

:for normal babies, delaying the addition of allergenic foods does not reduce the risk of food allergies.

in general, in addition to water, glucose and sodium chloride does not cause allergies, any food may cause an allergic reaction, but various allergenic foods are different, caused the frequency of food allergy is also different.most food allergies is made up of milk, eggs, fish, shell, seafood, nuts, peanuts, wheat and soybeans eight kind of food, so some parents will give the baby will add later easily allergic food.

however, so far, no studies have demonstrated that for normal baby later add food allergy can effectively prevent allergic to this kind of food, so see add order should be starting from the demand of the baby, the first to add foods rich in iron, need not deliberately delayed this kind of food to add, for baby allergic constitution, can delay the add appropriately, and closely observe the reaction after eating.


is the solution:the coarse grain is good, but for the baby, it needs to be added in an appropriate amount.

:the advantage of the whole grains is that there is no over-refined processing, and more nutrients are retained, such as protein, b vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids, etc., which are also rich in dietary fiber.but too much dietary fiber intake, can affect the absorption of the baby to the mineral, so give the baby a small amount of intake, avoid backfiring.

error 9:mixed with milk produced various assist food more nutritious.

is the solution:milk and food are best separated from the baby, which is beneficial to the baby's taste experience while avoiding overnutrition.

liquid cream have been eating after baby is born, began to add after see the baby not used to the new food taste, can mediate with milk, let your baby get used to that, such as rice noodles, do chicken with milk custard, etc., but not mixed with milk all kinds of food for a long time, because virtually increases the baby drink milk, cause excess nutrients, in addition, the baby will rely more on milk and don't like to eat other side dish.

:this is not the case.a baby's dietary preferences won't be fixed from infancy.

baby period, the food's thin consistency, taste, taste and so on will affect the baby's feeling of food, so the taste of food will change all the time.what the baby doesn't eat now doesn't mean it will never eat again.usually the baby doesn't eat anything, and mother uses the snack to work a little bit, and he eats again.the mother should pay attention to observe the baby's meal, it is better to make the food the appearance that the baby is easy to accept.however, the variety of food will give your baby more balanced nutrition.

myth 11:baby side dish must do alone.

is a solution:add one or two supplementary feeding stages each day and can be separated from the adult's food before putting the seasoning.

is no problem that you can get a portion of your baby's supplementary food from your adult food.add 1~ 2 supplementary food each day, can prepare good adult food material, before seasoning gives out to the baby.also, pay attention to the texture, size, adding three supplementary meals each day, the baby will be able to eat the baby's food directly with the baby's gingiva grated and mild adult food.the food that eats adult, can alleviate the burden that mother does complementary food, and eat the same thing with adult, can let baby have appetite more.

myth#12:the baby doesn't eat food that is forced to feed.

:don't force your baby to eat certain foods, avoid the anti-anti-mentality of the baby and cause anorexia.

baby's taste buds are highly sensitive, and it's normal to reject foods that have a particular smell.getting your baby to accept a food that doesn't like it requires a lot of is like to encourage more, if he criticize him because they don't eat some food, or rigid asked him to eat, but can produce disgust, let the baby to this kind of food may do not want to try the food in the future.moreover, there is no substitute for food, and if the baby doesn't like it, replace it with the same kind of food and wait a while before giving the baby a try.



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