can the doctor see your history of abortion during the inspection?the treasure mom made you laugh at the doctor




doctor:is this your first child?mom:doctor i have a baby.

"doctor:...(the doctor laughed on the spot, remembering the mother, who would chat with her every time she came for a test.)

this is when the prenatal analogy comfortable a bit funny story, but a lot of people in the prenatal, pose a dilemma because the doctor experience, when the doctor prenatal to figure is hard for you, all cities have to ask you, first good man?have you ever had a history of abortion?if have, and not with the husband, it is very difficult, especially when you stand still have family, i really don't know how answer and occasional more afraid of the doctor in the thousands of constantly meet slipped out into, the ostentation and extravagance is tricky.

the doctor can see inside you through production?

has been consulted before pregnancy elder sister so much work, the pregnant mother not good man, poguren very pleased, but through the pregnant mother before production, and it still kept full with the husband, is the husband know pregnant mother before work, but don't know your wife through the production, this is a trivial matter, are constantly keep the husband.husband say prenatal city leave to accompany go in the future, to the best of itself when the husband's obligation, pregnant mother excitement, more worried when the doctor saw itself abortion history, worries about a husband to learn that the job itself, when the time comes home will surely make chicken fly a dog to jump.

do you have an abortion, the doctor is can't go in as usual, nothing more than an experienced doctor, including diagnosis based on your house when the mouth shape generally can be figured out, this is nothing more than your own, the doctor said is not optional.the doctor at the time of the inspection is to ask you whether there is any abortion history to the female body still have certain influence.women had life story before, in the face of this achievement can be displeased with difficult, especially when family in the side, will inevitably make speak to go, don't say one thousand for covering environmental affect fetal? actually, anyhow is dilemma.

don't want to cover the history already, we don't want to be family, then as long as clever scheming, give family to hold the during production inspection, will also be able to inform you your doctor early difficulties, have a happy family is not easy, and it is your own, so the doctor will be very understanding you.

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