the signs are that the baby may have a parasitic worm in the body that cannot be too careless

according to the world health organization(who), there are 1.3 billion roundworm infections in the world, and children are more likely than adults to be infected.and the number of deaths due to intestinal and biliary obstruction caused by roundworms is 100, 000 per year, and the infection rate in china is the highest in the world.

roundworm is a very common disease that affects not only the appetite but also the physical development of the child.the worm is very large for the child's body, so how to tell if there is a worm in the child?

the baby of the worm's five symptoms

1, pediatric facial and neck skin is pale white approximate circular or elliptic spot piece, with small gray scales, namely, commonly known as the"spot"

2, sleep problems.babies with roundworms tend to wake up, grind their teeth, drool, and so on.

3, the child often cries stomach pain, especially in the umbilical part of the week, like to knead, it is not painful to play as usual.

4, eat not fat.some children have a good appetite, and how to eat is thin, long not fat, very likely is the worm parasitism, absorbing the nutrition of the child.

5, pica.babies like eating dirt, plaster, toys, erasers and so on.

how to remove the child of the parasite?

:when you were a child, it was rare to eat a"pagoda sugar"to knock out the worm in your body.the most direct way is to take the child to the doctors in the age of 2 will not prescribe wormless medicine.they should not try to get their children to take insecticide in order to get rid of them, so they should follow the doctor's advice.

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2, raw pumpkin seeds 20 grains, to shell and mash, before the meal plus brown sugar empty stomach, eat at one time, avoid greasy food.

how to prevent the baby worm?

1.good and dad can help the baby build a good hygienic habit, wash hands after the meal, always cut the nail, do not eat the unclean thing, do not drink raw water and so on.

2.regularly deworming.for children over 2 years old, mom and dad can regularly deworm their baby, can eat the intestinal worm, and the specific usage needs to follow the doctor's advice.