the husband, who frequently does this kind of thing to his pregnant wife, kneels on his knees and beg for forgiveness

is a happy thing, no matter how hard it may be, but i believe that if everything goes well during pregnancy, it will eventually feel very happy and every pregnant mother will pay considerable attention to herself during pregnancy, whether it's food or food.

lily and her husband got married when i was small, both in their 20 s, when they get married married soon pregnant, pregnant, said on the internet to check the first 3 months and 3 months after knew not, other time is ok.

, so lily got pregnant at the beginning, they had to share the room and slept, and the first three months of the pregnancy, her husband also had to go out, so he still held back, nothing happened...

as lily more than 5 months pregnant, her husband came back from the outside, because long time no see, when i come back and bought a lot of gifts to give lily, talking excitedly in the evening they eat, husband drink more wine, sleeping of time to knew and lily, lily want to almost 6 months, so long to see again, should have no matter son, half-hearted promise.

this time, the husband feels very little influence, more unafraid, the previous branch now also sleeps in the same day, experienced several times to feel fine, lily also more relieved.

is not thought to be about 7 months pregnant, when lily suddenly has a stomachache, she began to feel unrelieved, thinking that it was like the usual fake contractions.but after a few hours, the contractions were not abating, and the pain was getting more and more painful.lily felt wrong and called her husband to go to the hospital together.

to the hospital, through inspection, found that not enough for seven months how palace mouth opened and checked before is no problem, the doctor is in doubt, ask if they knew whether the recently.

lily husband answer, is really have sex, but the internet does not mean that 4-6 months is safety period, sex is not the problem, the doctor replied,"knew mid pregnancy is no problem, but also want right amount".it must be more frequent, as you have done, and whether you have contraceptives.

listen to the doctor's words, lily husband's confusion, is not already pregnant?what else?it's impossible to get pregnant.

the doctor listened very helplessly told him:"do you know that semen contains a lot of prostaglandins, and it is can soften the cervix, that cause contractions, plus the contractions are badly when you did not sent to the hospital in time, so now the situation is not in the back."

children now is not, even behind the survive and super expensive and at least have to hundreds of thousands of, so suggest you induced labor.

after the hearing, lily husband sat down, and constantly whips himself, if only, is the child himself by his own hands and pushed into the cliff and children less than 7 months now, even if born, also can't live, is to kill their own children.

:all things must be taken care of during pregnancy.don't feel that others are ok, and you will be fine, after all, people are different in physique.during pregnancy, love should be in moderation, and don't be tempted to make a change.

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