the baby is in this time period immunity worst take care of ill easily!

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, as a parent, the most feared thing is that the baby is sick, and the children are all squeezed together in a small face.there is no one parent who can calm down.

but you know what?a lot of times, the baby's resistance, but our parents hand to destroy!

parents what behavior will damage the immunity of the child?

1, too clean

good immunity is not innate, it must be exposed to various bacteria and viruses to produce the corresponding antibody, thus to resist the invasion of, the environment in which children live should be"clean", not"sterile"!

parents use disinfectant to clean the baby's living space, toys, clothes, or excessive cleaning of the breast before will reduce the chance of infants' contact with normal bacteria, which is not conducive to the improvement of the immune system.and studies have shown that excessive cleaning can increase a baby's risk of developing allergic diseases such as eczema and asthma.

2, no vaccinations

.it is actually a modified version of the virus and bacteria, has immunity, but not pathogenic, can directly to provide specific antibodies to the baby, or to stimulate the body to produce specific antibodies, against infectious diseases, reduce the risk of the, the vaccine is a great invention, and parents must vaccinate their baby according to the time of vaccination.

some parents believe that a type of vaccine can be used to vaccinate a second class vaccine against vaccination.the second type of vaccine, although it is a voluntary and voluntary vaccine, does not mean that it is not is a supplement to a type of vaccine, which is more than one vaccine.

3, misuse of antibiotics

, some parents will themselves or urge the doctor to use antibiotics in order to get the child to get better, which is harmful to the child.

, first of all, antibiotics are only the bane of bacterial infections, so if the baby is a viral infection, the use of antibiotics is not effective(there are some side effects).

in addition, almost every antibiotic resistance phenomenon, especially in the case of not enough treatment, which can lead to children over and over again, more prone to resistance, decreased therapeutic effect.and antibiotic itself will cause some damage to liver, kidney, gastrointestinal tract, when an antibiotic doesn't work, and turning to a more senior antibiotics, will seriously affect the process of treatment.

, so parents should consult a doctor before using antibiotics.if after the doctor confirmed that the baby is a bacterial infection, you need to use antibiotics, drug to ask the doctor for the right way, including the time interval of each time to take medicine, how many days need to eat, will you please stop when symptoms improved treatment and medicine after eating, need not to need to review, etc.

4, long-term for the baby to eat nutrition

in order to let her resistance to stick the dalai, some parents are eager to give the baby to eat nutrition, what bottled, boxed, domestic, import, you name it.but you know what?blind supplemental nutrition can aggravate the child's kidney burden and disturb the balance state of the immune system, making it easier for children to get sick.

parents also don't want to hope to eat which specific food can improve children's immunity, balanced nutrition is the best for put it more bluntly, to improve your baby's resistance, let him develop the habit of not being picky about food and eating.

5, put the baby into a"meat dumplings"

the old slow metabolism, compare to the cold, so always thought that the child is afraid of the cold, used to wear a lot of the concept of many old people, the formula should be:adults wear one, children wear two;two pieces for adults and four for children...

but the reality is that children have a fast metabolism, often afraid of heat and cold, if they wear too many clothes, on the back, the head is easy to sweat, a sight of wind is easier to catch a cold, illness.

how much does the baby wear?a little baby can wear one more than adults and older baby can wear just as much as adults, even less than an adult, as long as the baby's neck and back warm without sweat, that dress is just right.

baby most likely to get sick in the three phase

your baby's immune system will with age increasing, the teenagers when they reach that level, before that, nor is it a"smooth sailing", experience even a few hurdles, need parents particularly vigilant!

1, 6 months or so

has a magical you find out?six months ago, baby, though looking weaker, was rarely ill, and it was only six months later that the cold and fever were coming.why is that?

thanks to antibodies from mom!when the baby is in the womb, the antibodies in her mother will be continuously delivered to the baby, taking responsibility for the"health guardian"and protecting him after the baby is born.however, these antibodies will decrease over time and disappear after six months, which is why the baby is more likely to fall ill after six months.

, so when the baby is about 6 months old, the parent alarm should ring!ready for war!

2, weaning time

the pathway of the baby's immunity, except from the birth of the baby, there is a very important channel:breast milk!in particular, immunoglobulin and antibodies are abundant in colostrum, which can protect newborn babies against infection and disease.

and weaning can cut off this valuable channel, and if bacteria and viruses are waiting for trouble, the baby's immune system will fall.therefore, weaning is risky, mother should be careful!

weaning time is not too early!when is it appropriate to wean?the world health organization recommends breastfeeding lasts for two years, but our country generally can't do that, according to china's national conditions, 1 s weaning is more appropriate, because this time, the baby has started teething, gastrointestinal digestion ability strengthens, physiological have suitable for weaning.

weaning is also a way to pay attention to the way, the preparation is not well done or the season is not suitable, it is very easy to cause the baby to not adapt, the body to protest, the emergence of disease.

how to weaning correctly?click on the title to view.

3, just in kindergarten

many parents can't understand why children are good at home and go to kindergarten and get sick.the reason is very simple!

is a collective life in the kindergarten, it is easy to cross infection, and once a child is sick, it increases the risk of other addition, the baby leaves home for the first time to go to the kindergarten life, inevitably will have all kinds of maladjustment, the mood will become nervous, the anxiety, this will also let the baby's resistance to decline.

how to break this kind of circumstance?

is first mentioned in the article, get the vaccinations, and recommend the immune defense!

is a kind of social morality.if you find that your child has an infectious disease, don't take it to the kindergarten for the time being.the kindergarten environment is closed, and a child can easily infect other children, resulting in the outbreak of the epidemic.

, plus, do your baby's mental the first half of the year, parents can take the baby to visit the kindergarten and help the baby learn about the can also talk about the benefits of kindergarten.for example, there are many toys, beautiful teachers, lovely friends, and lots of new skills and so order to adapt to the kindergarten life as soon as possible.

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