mom, i like you to choose you - your baby has an amazing history with you!

's incredible"pre-fetal memory"-mom, i like you, just choose you!is there a surprising connection between newborn babies and their mothers?

one is called"clouds"c"mother said:

"i remember, before that i even had a child, is when this time, the elder sister is pregnant again, the second child is found to be a boy.because of the heavy burden, i decided not to.she was very upset, so i spent the night with this time, i silently pray in my heart:baby, if you have the spirit, come to me, i will treat you well.unexpectedly, i was pregnant that month.and, boy.stranger still, my son is very much a child of my sister's i think it's wonderful.but anyway, i love my baby.thank him for coming to me."

a friend of my mother's, saying that her son was just talking to her and saying, 'mommy, i love you!that day, we many children together, choose their favorite people to be mothers, so i chose that time, the friend was a little afraid, but the child later said twice.however, when the child is older, he will not say such a word.

maybe we can't believe it:the newly born small life, in the shadow has a close relationship with their parents, especially my mother, and her baby, there may be an irresistible karma!what's more, some babies are born and still have what they call"pre-fetal memory".

, in the past two years, foreign countries have developed"prenatal psychology", which is the establishment of"parent-child relationship"between parents and children before they are is said that human beings already have the ability of thinking, feeling and memory in the fetal period, which may be the best explanation for"pre-fetal memory"!

, for example, mother very much treasure, when you say, their children just talking, often say some surprising the wonderful things:before we are to stay in the above the clouds of heaven, angels sister accompanied.we can fly to many places, find the most well-connected people to be their own mother, find out and fly into the mother's belly and other similar, wonderful child language.

, so the newborn really has a magical"pre-fetal memory"?they were destined for their mother's fate?let's look at the net friend treasure mom's magical experience and opinions:

net friend accompanied with sub-

"when i was pregnant, dreamed of snakes don't want to in my home, i cast them away, and with a stick them anyway does not walk, then i grabbed a snake, you want to eat it.but the subconscious told me that i was not ready to kill.then, give up to chase, oneself return room to cook food to go.i didn't expect that month i was pregnant with twins, and i was still a baby.the baby has been in production for seven months now, thank god for it.


as a result, her grandmother died, and she dreamed that she was coming back to take care of, a month after her grandmother died, she measured her pregnancy and gave birth to a daughter.

a net friend, morning morning morning morning morning

"my baby at seven and a half months now, when i was four months pregnant dream, dream of a small snake into a smoke entering my body from my ears, and told me not to be afraid, tell me what it is to show of gratitude.hope the baby can be born healthy!"

net friend-86542657634

"i gave birth to two daughters, the eldest brother had a red birthmark between the brows, the shape of a flame.unexpectedly, waiting for the second year of birth, the eyebrow heart also has a touch the same red, everyone else said that they were my husband's lover, and my husband left, and left a mark, this life is good to find!so, what am i?third party!!"the day before my grandmother's first birthday, my daughter was born, and my mother was always worried about catching up on the same children born a few months, the feeling every time she look at my eyes, like my grandma, especially cocked his head staring eyes and facial expressions, my sister and i have this feeling, also don't know how to say..."

net friend-56611814186 cell phone users

"i dreamed of a little black snake pregnant with me, i want to take a stick to it.but he looked at my eyes, but he looked at me, pitifully at me.then my husband helped me pull it off.later, i gave birth to my little son.if there is a afterlife, you are the daughter, give me a chance to love you.later, i was pregnant, and my daughter and mother had the same, more than a year old, the angry look is the same as my mother's life, the more than one year old children angry not to cry and not to frown frowning."

travel net friend-cat

"i also dreamed of snakes pregnant, she is a big white snake!they say that the white snake will have a beautiful also says that boa constrictors represent a promising son.although the son did not pay interest, now do not know.but he is really beautiful, white and fat, the meat doodle, the little mouth red, the eyes black big, eyelash long and cocked, go out to say is a little girl!"

, dear, about"pre-fetal memory", there may be more mystery or mystery we can't understand.if human beings can really choose the parents they want before they are born, then maybe we are all in the second generation or the second generation.

however, whether or not the"memory"before tire has been scientific reasoning, whether really exists, but we have seen the legendary story, the in the mind has a warm current in the surging?do you want to love your baby more?

:do you feel that there is an invisible and mysterious great energy and mystery in the vastness of the universe?

:let's slowly learn and study!


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