the first time to do overcast embarrassment do not do vaginal ultrasound after!

b super how to do? i will not say more, i believe everyone has done! however, how to do vaginal b? i think most of the treasure have never done! the so-called overcast vaginal ultrasound b, the b ultrasound probe on the vagina, you can check the ovary, uterus, attachments and so on.

advantages are not as much like abdomen to drink a lot of water b, so that the bladder fully filled before's a question, some treasure mother did a overcast after the will never choose to do the second, why?

a certain friend of mine, a precious mother, told me her when pregnant with a baby over the embarrassing thing encountered by the overcast:i went to the caesarean section is a local hospital, known as obstetrics and gynecology incurable diseases teaching hospitals, it means that either check-in or at the operating room or a variety of examinations have a large group of interns, this is understandable, medicine is the theoretical science, have to learn to do from the ability to make it happen! however, i am more embarrassed, because every time i do b-over are hold back not urine, so this time chose to do overcast, that day to do overcast, go find a lot of young men and women doctors, female doctors to not the most important, the most important thing is there are a lot of male doctors, which embarrassment it!

i see that scene is sorry i was so many people take off your pants, i secretly ask the doctor:"can not let those male doctors go out? i am very embarrassed"the doctor said:"they all come to practice, must practice, you do not have to shy, pull a curtain, they look at the apparatus"!

i think it would be better, but still a bit embarrassed, that's it face flushed done check! psychological thinking, no matter how uncomfortable holding back urine, i will never choose to do vaginal b-over.

after listening to this friend to do the vagina b super thing, i also obediently do abdomen b super! so, how do you choose friends?

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