kindergarten teacher draw bank card color children parents out of helpless black card!

a few days ago meng meng reported"kindergarten teachers let children and their own house photo, parents suspect that teachers use this method to measure the family"incident, triggered a wide discussion of netizens.recently, meng dad received a feedback from her mother in sanya, her child's kindergarten teacher, actually asked her to go home to draw a bank card, credit card this regard, the mother introduced the color of bank cards, credit cards in fact there are many doorways, such as black cards are often more distinguished, and some black cards are banks to the status of customers invited to handle, most people can not, the mother wondered whether the teacher measured the financial status of the child's family in this way, because worried about the child if the color of the ordinary card drawn will not be taken seriously by the teacher, she deliberately let the child drew a black card.meng dad originally thought that this is only a simple case, but a careful inquiry moms, only to find that there are really a lot of such a situation.some parents, even when their children have attended kindergarten, have to bite their roots too the car replaced by high-end vehicles.

why do you want to do this? because after the children go to school, ask the child painter car logo, with the car photo, it is not unusual.a father to do the traffic police, after being aware of the identity of the teacher, self-pay pockets pay the teacher a fine, because the last fine is too much to take over, can not carry the children to transfer.netizen"erha"because her husband is a manager, kindergarten teacher by the child know after the result was actually kindergarten teacher asked her cousin to find a job...

many netizens pointed out that when a child is in first grade in primary school, he or she will send a form to parents to fill in information such as work and income, which will be collected directly.of course, these"wonderful"homework will also seriously affect the children.

their growth.the following little niece, is because i saw photos of classmates, parents want to move to the villa can live.

some teachers' requests are even more nonsense.

in this regard, there are friends laments:no wonder children are feeling rich now! however, there are also kindergarten teachers who have been in business for eight years, saying that the teachers are back pot.meng dad also believe that the vast majority of teachers, are dedicated to educate children.very often, it is often a rat shit broke down.

how, your child has encountered a similar homework?