year-old daughter stomach constantly getting bigger after the test results came out more than tears

pregnant mothers all know that during pregnancy to do regular b-ultrasound, so that we know the child's development in the stomach, but some mothers for various reasons, have never been to give you an example.a four-year-old girl, with age, stomach day by day, but also accompanied by bursts of abdominal pain, it would be because of eating junk food caused it? or normal phenomenon, because today's children's stomachs are usually larger, with age will return to normal.

at the beginning, the girl's family did not care much about it, eat fat only, but a few months after the stomach swelling is particularly obvious, suddenly one day, the girl's stomach began to hurt, and very intense, this time, the family realized that there may really be any problems, and now the people are less than a must before going to the hospital, the family brought to the hospital after the test, the result surprised mom, the doctor said the child's belly has a deformed baby, which is the child's stomach pain and the factors that lead to larger.the mother asked the reason, the doctor said that in fact such a problem in the when the childbirth should be found, it is certainly the mother did not do timely childbirth, mother said that as the home in the rural areas, rural people do not pay much attention to this matter, so they have not been to do the birth control.subsequently, the doctor explained that such a situation belonged to the"parasitic fetus,"which is, in the folk saying, the fetus in the fetus, which is also a relatively rare congenital disease, which means that the fetus has not been born before the child has the existence of twin brothers or sisters, who were supposed to be children, is now left in the child's body as a tumor and now has an impact on the child's body.from this incident, we know that birth control is very important for pregnant women, and is an essential part of the production through inspection we can understand the baby's development in the stomach is good, if not timely inspection, it is irresponsible for children, but also allow families to suffer a great deal, the surface on such a result, my mother can only wash my face with tears all day long, i feel sorry for my daughter, i do not know this will affect the body after the daughter will not.

now my mother always tears to the face, i feel hurt child.

do you think so? what views are welcome to exchange!

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