really ashamed of this do not know how to do had to bow his head

go to the hospital to find girlfriends, she is learning to do with the teacher b-ultra.a pregnant woman inquire about the baby is a man and a woman, girlfriends white she said:what is good to ask, not a boy is a girl! i whispered girlfriends:"you do not tell pregnant women fierce her, not kind!"girlfriend pouting:"i was telling her that you do not understand!"

what? what did you say?

girlfriends:not a boy, a girl![laughing][laughing]

next door sister home daughter came back, i heard that my boyfriend was off, i used to see.sichuan sister grabbed my hand and said:"sister ah, people dare she 呀 her ah, she was a big horse, but also practiced, she was living on the ground took the..."

i asked to know that the girl sat in the park, her boyfriend with her mother went to the park, the boy wanted to scare her, hugged her from behind, abruptly she was a shoulder to shoot on the ground...

colleagues with a large plastic jade, we are curious about how he wore such a thing, he said proudly, the boss son to send.the boss heard that:one to a customer, quickly picked.colleagues thought the boss jokingly said:do not pick, this is your son gave me a gift! the boss a racket table:i am still, so you hesitate to heirs? do you want to let him seal your big leadership? i do not know thought you are a family it

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