baby burns do not do these five things after the burn!

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cold weather, eat hot pot times more and more, but the defense is"the waiter slippery feet, the whole pot of hot soup sprinkle to the head of the child".the whole chest is burned and the head is also hit by hot water.

believe that every treasure parents see this scene, my heart is yi chan!

there are the day before yesterday, chief(id:kexueyuer2012) to see a mother's message, revealing all the helpless and self-blame.

"section, the platform of the article i see every day, do a fever, fever, diarrhea and other diseases prevention work, the results of the baby or when we do not pay attention to the time by the water dispenser hot water"

indeed, with the baby activities become larger, curiosity has gradually germinated, take the calf, the east touch touch the west the same time, the danger also lurking in the baby's side.

today we are talking about the baby in case of hot burns, how can we minimize the damage? how to let the children do not touch those dangerous things?

hot burns have a severity of

hot burns, sub-degree, ⅱ degree, ⅲ degree.

● degree:injury to the dermis, skin epidermis with blisters;

● ⅲ degree:injury to the skin layer or even deep subcutaneous fat, muscle, etc., local gray, reddish brown or even black hair coke.

when the occurrence of ⅰ degree, ⅱ degree burns, parents do not rush, should be in accordance with the following five steps for pre-hospital treatment.

the first time to use the flow of cold water rinse burn burns at least 20 minute.

cold water can quickly dissipate heat, reduce the depth of the skin damage, reduce the baby's pain.

in the rinse process, be careful to remove the clothes covering the wound surface, not forced to exfoliate, the mother can also use scissors.

if the clothes have been sticking to the skin, do not pull hard, so as not to increase the damage to the skin.


burning hot parts of the baby soak in cold water for 10 to 30 minutes, the main role is to ease the baby's pain.

use clean, sterile gauze to gently cover the wound, which can reduce the external stimuli and infection of the wound.


after completing the above steps, send your baby to the hospital for treatment.

when will it be taken to hospital?

when the occurrence of ⅲ degree burns, parents can not determine the extent of the baby burn the burn site is an important part of the body, be sure to rush to the hospital in time to avoid misdiagnosis.

if the hot burns only redness or a few blisters, you can punch, off , soak three steps to deal with, and then as much as possible to expose the wound, keep the local dry.

even if you use scald cream, also pay attention to keep the local clean, dry, waiting to slowly improve and repair.after five ten million


scalding burns

● do not prick blisters, or yi jifa infection;

do not apply the kitchen seasoning, we do not apply the toothpaste, we are not in the whitening;

not in the cooking;

do not apply with the color of the liquid, such as purple syrup, which can affect the doctor's observation of the wound.

daily prevention work

● bath water

whether winter or summer, the water temperature should be maintained at 38 to 40 degrees celsius, prepare a thermometer.please put the water in the order of the first cold water.

● daylight

baby skin tender, sun direct may cause skin sunburn, as burn the same.out of the sun to accept the main reflection of light.

as the baby's peripheral circulation is not as good as adult , some low-heat items contact time is too long will burn babies, such as warm water bags and so on.

● life equipment

to take care of the baby, and its education, do not let the baby touch the kettle, stove, hot food pot, water dispenser and other living equipment.

let the more touch the more touch the baby, how to guide?

take drinking fountains, for example, sometimes the baby does not want to drink water, but ta will be in the water dispenser around the spin back and forth.the mother can carefully press the red hot water key, take a small amount of hot water and put it on the table, and then use the more exaggerated expression of the right side of the baby's curiosity:

baby said"very hot".

after the baby hand touch the cup, let the baby feel the temperature of hot water.

2.if the baby is still not give up, the mother can let the baby involved, to provide limited satisfaction.

the baby is responsible for taking the cup, the baby is connected with hot water.over time, the baby will not always full of curiosity on the water heater, naturally away from the.

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