husband you do not embarrassed to buy quickly do not come back do not want to touch me!

my husband and i married more than five years, last year with our son, son smart and lovely, that is sometimes a person playing very lonely, and sometimes want to give him a sister or brother, but home conditions are not very rich, even if the country to promote the second child, we do not want to increase their burden, they will dispel the i and her husband have been security measures, before i eat contraceptives, the recent irregular menstruation, to the hospital to see chinese medicine, the doctor said to be more than the reasons for contraceptives, and later may not be easy pregnant, after listening to feeling very scared.

from the hospital i quickly call her husband, and he said the doctor's words, and then let him come back to the pharmacy to buy box tt prepared, but her husband's performance so that i am very silent.

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