do you have a red or broken water before delivery? do not worry about it

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say that there will be a lot of children before the warning, such as:some will appear stomach pain, and some will appear broken water, and some will see red......if these phenomenon, but a good sign, away from the day of delivery is not too far! so before delivery, the first look at the red or the first broken water is good, which can be great attention.

1.the general situation is the first red

before delivery, pregnant mother vagina will be discharged a small amount of bloody mucus, may last for several days, it may suddenly see red, see red after 1-2 days to produce, some people want 4-5 days, this should vary, with pain, to the back of the labor, will automatically break water before the official production.


occurrence of amniotic fluid early break, often maternal often think they are urine urine underwear, do not know is amniotic fluid early break.broken water, you will suddenly feel a share of water flowing out from the vagina, is beyond control, home with amniotic fluid test strips, you can first test, if it is broken water, you can not wait, must be hospitalized childbirth.


should be a child is the first look good red, do not break the water.because the amniotic fluid broken to explain the child to be born, after the amniotic fluid broken if not rushed to the hospital, the fetus is very prone to hypoxia and infection, if the amniotic fluid is enough and clear, the baby can stick to birth, if the amniotic fluid is not enough and turbid it shows that the fetus hypoxia, need immediate surgery, the most important thing is the amniotic fluid flow will have a life-threatening baby.

if the first look at the red, it shows that my mother's physical strength is stronger than the baby.//////////////if it is the first broken water, it shows that the baby's physical strength is stronger than the mother, but as long as adequate postpartum nutrition, generally not much difference.

do not want to break the amniotic fluid, to the late pregnancy of these things must be avoided: not carry out strenuous exercise

2.appropriate to reduce sexual life

especially to the third trimester of pregnancy, pregnancy the last 1 month to prohibit sexual life, so as not to stimulate the uterus caused by premature rupture of membranes.

3.scientific and reasonable intake of nutrients

foods rich in vitamin c(fresh vegetables and fruits), trace elements copper(animal offal), and foods containing high quality glial protein(trotters) have the effect of increasing the toughness of the membranes.

in general, pregnant mothers to maintain a happy mood, usually pay attention to rest, avoid fatigue, cold, constipation, etc., to prevent sudden increase in abdominal pressure, to avoid trauma, while paying attention to reasonable nutrition, increase amniotic elasticity and toughness.


pregnancy also suffer the most pain:the pubic pain! men can not understand the sadness

after pregnancy you can not try to be brave, these kinds of housework is best not to do, is the baby's"taboo"

when you are given your childbirth? warm cry! you really are not a person in combat

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