b super-room would like to ask the fetus sex doctor these words is really interesting you encountered?

a few days ago just gave birth to the second child, do the b-ultrasound in pregnancy, the doctor asked what is the first child? neighbors say sons.the doctor came to the sentence:the tire looks beautiful!

neighborhood seconds to understand, this is not just a few days ago tim added that daughter.however, there are a lot of mothers do in the production of inspection time, will encounter a very serious doctor:lie down, clothes down, well, get up, take the list there.the whole no communication, but it, b-room a lot of doctors are still very interesting, said that when the doctor's humor, which can not leave, look, these b super doctor, you sure not to funny?

@trimeresurus green:i do mind when secretly want to see sex of the child, the doctor immediately gave me scold meal, and then asked if i was their first child do? i said yes, after the inspection, the doctor said:the first child all right, son and daughter will do.and then half a day i react, it should be hinted that i was a daughter.

@theteaffivkers:my wife was doing b super, half an hour came in 4-5 doctor.a doctor said, look fast to see his home.you see people will be more pregnant.as a result,

@little witch:i was pregnant with two tires, the doctor asked me how old age, and now, my husband asked me to ask, i want to two children regardless of boys and girls have, i do not want to ask, i do not ask the doctor also asked me, i told him said how big, and asked this is the second child, i said yes, big how big, boy girl? i told him, and then i did not ask anything, he certainly think you can really keep the gas, to the students ready to profile when the doctor asked the boy girl, i said do not know, anesthesiologist asked the boy girl, i told him, just out, the anesthesiologist said you wishful, and he said i wish you wish, really can not believe that really wishful, silly silly it.

@maple leaf red:there is time to do b ultrasound, the doctor asked me:do you like boy or girl, boy girl i said all right, had to be kept on saving money, but if the girl's words , we intend to change the car to open, for suv, the doctor said:oh, that car do not change!

now people are not so patriarchal, and rarely because of want to have a son away from the abortion, so many doctors will euphemistically suggest the sex of the fetus, if you encounter such a doctor, it is really bao mother's blessing, if not encountered, and no complaints, son and daughter are parents of love crystallization.

what interesting doctors did you ever have?

why is the child working poorly? how good is the probability of pregnancy? are there any feeling of implantation of fertilized eggs?

if you have these parenting puzzles, please pay attention to me!

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