will the artificial insemination process be painful?

artificial insemination as a way to help because of its fast and safe, absorb the eyes of many infertile families, but heart at the same time, many patients are also worried about a problem, artificial insemination process will not will it be painful?

assisted reproductive technology, the first man out of the semen in vitro, after optimization in the woman before and after ovulation, after non-sexual intercourse, artificial way through the medical device directly to the semen injection of the female reproductive tract, so that sperm and egg free to reach the auxiliary pregnancy purpose.artificial insemination the whole process includes pre-examination, follicle monitoring(ovulation), artificial insemination surgery, pregnancy and other steps.artificial insemination is the most close to natural pregnancy, but in the eyes of most patients, artificial insemination is still a kind of human intervention to help the way, especially artificial insemination surgery, it is so many sisters some panic, then does artificial insemination really make people suffer? artificial insemination is a high-tech assisted reproductive technology, in order to ensure its smooth stop and get a higher rate of success, artificial insemination every step is particularly rigorous, we take a look at each step is rigorous not really let the patient suffer.

1, preoperative examination

both husband and wife in the artificial insemination before the need to do a comprehensive examination, first, due to artificial insemination needs of patients with certain infertility indications, in addition, it is more convenient for doctors to understand the patient status plan.inspections include basic physical examinations, serious illness checks, reproductive systems, infectious diseases, genetic diseases, immune systems and other tests.the man is mainly doing blood, semen examination, the woman is mainly doing blood, secretions, color doppler ultrasound, angiography and so on.

2, follicle monitoring(ovulation)

artificial insemination victory is a prerequisite for the woman had eggs out, and in the woman before and after ovulation to stop artificial insemination surgery the best, so , after checking into the cycle, the woman will enter the follicle monitoring stage, after b or hormone levels to monitor follicular development and certainly ovulation date.according to the patient ovulation status of artificial insemination ovulation plan is divided into natural cycle and ovulation cycle, ovulation patients with some obstacles the doctor will choose to promote ovulation cycle, the demand through some ovulation induction ovulation, other links and natural cycle is basically the same.

3, artificial insemination surgery

artificial insemination surgery, the man needs to go through the masturbation before the way out of sperm, after the machine is optimized.after the woman is ready, the doctor will be treated after the semen inhalation of artificial insemination tube, and then slowly into the female reproductive tract, the whole process without injury, will not let the woman feel painful, but also a small number of women will feel the lower abdomen after fullness feeling, or uterine contraction-like pain, but this situation lasts about 30 minutes to 1 hour to ease, is a normal phenomenon.

4, pregnancy

artificial insemination after 14 days, can be able to draw blood to see whether the victory pregnancy.

artificial insemination the whole process does not give women a painful feeling, and closer to natural pregnancy, more safe and convenient.

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