if the money is better than what i want to do; son if i do not do what money! (parents must read)

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parents' money makes their children easy, but they also hurt them slowly.

my friend, one day drunk, said to me:"do you believe i deposit to my grandchildren's generation have enough of?."

i replied:"but i have a saying, so that children and grandchildren own sun fu, you really do not have to give children and grandchildren stay so much."

he laughed and said:"what is the blessing? the rest of my life is afraid, can not let my son, grandson repeat my poor, i just want them to keep jinshan, had a decent day."

he said the truth.

there are so many people around us-but there is a penny, stay with the descendants.as if we were to give some money to them today, and their days would add some sweetness and color.

lin zexu said a thought-provoking words:what, yin and more money, the loss of its chi; descendants than me, what money to do, stupid and more money, benefit from it.

what is the right thing to say? if you are as exotic as i am, then i do not have to give him money, but i have too much money, will kill his morale; descendants if it is mediocrity, then, i did not need to give him money, but have too much money, will increase his fault.

today, can really read and practice lin zexu this passage, how many people do? there is a well-known"not worthy of law"in psychology-no one is not worthy of the law.


worth doing, it is not worth doing well.

think about it, have a jinshan people, how can they willing to sweat every day to sand gold? and with the"not worth"psychological to learn, work, the harvest, will also be a"not worth"life.

there are too many compatriots who can not understand the donations to the furious foreign rich.

when i heard that warren buffett had to donate 99% of his personal wealth, one of my colleagues said:"that his descendants are not mad?"

she had never heard of the story of buffett and his little son:

buffett's youngest son peter loves music, before he moved to milwaukee city, spoke to his father to borrow(this is peter the only time to borrow money from his father), was rejected.

peter angrily borrowed money from the bank.

he said:"in the process of repayment, i learned something, far more than from the father to accept interest-free loans much now want to come, the father's point of view."

if you love yourself child, it may be in the money on his stingy some, do not use a"golden dagger"hurt him.since you take him to this world, you should value the dignity of his life and return the power of creation to him.

let him sweat, tears, bleeding, so that he was struggling to run in the rain without any umbrella, so that he desperately pursued the"best of their own", so that he created with his own"golden spoon"drink the beauty of the world soup.

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